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Super Cats – book

This unique anthology proves that cats are extraordinary beings worth people’s praise and adoration.


Nala’s World – book

What happens when a 30-year-old mountain biker comes across a sick, abandoned kitten and decides to take her with him? They end up having the time of their lives.


Second-Chance Cats – book

A compilation of over 30 tales from rescue parents, these cat-centric stories will tug at anyone’s heartstrings.


What Cats Want – book

New cat owners can get insights to what cats really want and need through this handy book filled with adorable illustrations.


I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats – book

If cats were articulate poets, this would be a book of poems they’d write and publish.


How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You – book

Discover the shocking truths behind your cat’s actions through this side splitting book packed with facts, comics, and instructional guides. 


Mouse for Cats

Entertain a bored or lazy cat through three mini games found in one engaging app!


Paint for Cats

A unique game that your cat can play, Paint for Cats doubles the fun by creating artistic paintings you can share online or print and display at home or in the office. 


The Complete Meal

Made from organic, free-range, and human-grade ingredients, The Complete Meal is a selection of raw frozen food formulated for dogs and cats.



An Australian tech-driven dog food business, Petzyo offers a range of pet food that’s delivered straight to your doorstep. 

Online course

Kitten Kindergarten

Form a strong relationship with your foster or adopted kitten through enrichment and training classes offered by Pet Nurture.


Pam Johnson-Bennett / Cat Behavior Associates

Are you faced with confusing cat behavior, overgrooming, or eating problems? This website provides answers for common and uncommon cat-related issues.

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