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Mindfulness for Cat Lovers

Book • A book on well-being inspired by cats. You don’t need to own cats to know how much these creatures are all about living in the present. What is it? Mindfulness for Cat Lovers is a book about being completely present in the moment. The 66-page read draws inspiration from cats who perfectly demonstrate… Continue reading Mindfulness for Cat Lovers

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How I Trained My Cats

YouTube video • Shows how a man trained his cats. With close to 70 million views, this entertaining video shows how a regular guy trained his cats to do paw shakes and go on leashed walks. What is it? “How I Trained My Cats” is a YouTube video that features one-half of the vlogger couple… Continue reading How I Trained My Cats

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Paul Dinning Wildlife

YouTube channel • Wildlife videos to entertain your pets. A YouTube channel that started in May 2009, this online platform allows dogs and cats to experience the sights and sounds of nature without leaving their homes. What is it? Videos of animals in the wild as well as stunning sites in Cornwall, England are regularly… Continue reading Paul Dinning Wildlife


Best Friends Magazine

Pet lovers, animal rescuers, shelter volunteers, and animal advocates will enjoy reading Best Friends magazine.

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The DOGTV channel features a continuous loop of three to four-minute videos scientifically developed to entertain your canine pets.

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Dog Hugs

Dog Hugs is a Facebook video channel that ran during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to help dog owners improve their bond with their pets.


Tiny But Mighty: Kitten Lady’s Guide to Saving the Most Vulnerable Felines

A book that provides essential information for cat foster carers and shelter volunteers.


Claws: Confessions of a Cat Groomer

Anita Kelsey shares the most interesting cats she has professionally cared for and groomed.


Why Cats are Assholes – book

Do you have a sneaking suspicion that your cat is out to make your life a living hell? Why Cats are Assholes tries to decipher all the reasons why these feline pets find pleasure in knocking everything off shelves, running around the home in the wee hours of the morning, and hogging most of the bed.


Cat Talk Radio

With a new episode uploaded every week, Cat Talk Radio is a podcast that explains why cats do certain things and what their owners can do to correct these undesirable actions.


Adventure Cats – book

This book answers the question “Why adventure with a cat?” and takes readers and their cats beyond the backyard.


Super Cats – book

This unique anthology proves that cats are extraordinary beings worth people’s praise and adoration.


Nala’s World – book

What happens when a 30-year-old mountain biker comes across a sick, abandoned kitten and decides to take her with him? They end up having the time of their lives.