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Cat Talk Radio

Podcast • An audio resource that provides cat behaviour solutions. 

Molly DeVoss aims to explain mind-boggling cat behaviour in this weekly podcast.

With a new episode uploaded every week, Cat Talk Radio is a podcast that explains why cats do certain things and what their owners can do to correct these undesirable actions.

Whose podcast is it?

Certified feline training and behaviour specialist and cat behaviour consultant Molly DeVoss and her husband, Dewey Vaughn.

Is it free or paid?

Cat Talk Radio is free on multiple platforms.

Who’s the podcast’s intended audience?

Cat Talk Radio was created as an educational outreach program by the non-profit organisation, Cat Behavior Solutions. Its goal was to “help cat guardians globally learn more about their cats and how to provide for them in ways that will stop unwanted behaviors—ultimately keeping the cats from being re-homed.” As such, the podcast is primarily directed towards owners who are faced with cat behaviour problems. However, potential cat owners and animal enthusiasts who want to decipher cats’ behaviour can also learn from the podcast.  

Why should I listen to it right now?

By listening to this audio resource that has over 100 episodes, cat owners can become more understanding of their cats and build stronger relationships with them. Aside from covering topics such as prey play and diffusing pent-up energy, DeVoss and Vaughn also tackle fun subjects such as “Top 9 WHY Cat Questions Googled in 2020” and “How to Get More Cat Love.”

Where can I hear it?

Listen to Cat Talk Radio via the Cat Behavior Solutions website, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Player FM.

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