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Pam Johnson-Bennett / Cat Behavior Associates

Website • Answers the whys and hows of cat behaviour issues.

An online guide for pet owners encountering problematic cat behaviour.

Are you faced with confusing cat behavior, overgrooming, or eating problems? This website provides answers for common and uncommon cat-related issues.

What is it?

Cat Behavior Associates is a website that covers three comprehensive topics: Behavior, Health, and Litter Box. 

Behavior tackles the basics (from furniture scratching and training guidelines to kittens and intercat relationships) as well as Aggression, Fear, Acting Out. The latter is divided into six categories: Aggression, Behaviorist, Biting, Depression and Grief, Fearful Behavior, and Unwanted Behavior. 

Split into nine sections, Health discusses internal and external problems, namely: Dental Health, Diseases and Disorders, Eating and Nutrition, Internal Health, Parasites, Safety, Senior Cats, Skin Problems, and Grooming. 

Meanwhile, Litter Box is broken down into four categories: Aversion, Cleaning, Litter Box Set-up, and Spraying. 

Who’s behind it?

Pam Johnson-Bennett, a well-known cat behaviour expert. A best-selling author of 10 books on cats, Johnson-Bennett has been dealing with cat behaviour problems since 1982.  

How much will it cost me?

This website is a free resource.

How does it help me right now?

You get the opportunity to learn more about the inner workings of your cat by checking out the articles on the website. Equipped with the right information, it could help you become a better pawrent for your cat, and help you form a stronger and more intuitive relationship with her.

Why is it better than the offline or traditional alternative?

A variety of cat issues are explained in detail, and, more importantly, solutions are provided as to how to correctly deal with them. For example, Caring for a Deaf Cat may not be experienced by many feline pet owners, but the signs presented may help you discover if your cat is slowly losing her hearing. If this is the case, suggestions for how to care for and play with a deaf cat are offered. 

As a reminder, this online resource should not replace regular checkups with the veterinarian.

Where can I get it?

You can learn more about cats by visiting the website

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