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Cat Psychology and Training

From communication to behaviour training, this home study course will help enrollees gain a deeper understanding of how a cat’s mind works and train her accordingly. 

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Reliability and Games 2-Day Dog Training Workshop

Dog owners and dog trainers interested in using games to have fun with dogs while increasing their reliability may find this Udemy course helpful.

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Cat School – Online Classes

Looking for activities to mentally and physically stimulate your cat? Cat School offers three classes that just might spark Kitty’s interest. 

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Cat Care and Training 101

From getting your home ready to dealing with feline emergencies, this online class provides 16 comprehensive lessons to prepare anyone for cat parenthood.


Pet Talk Today with Will Bangura

A weekly podcast that shares tips on how to have a “better behaved, healthier, and happier pet,” Pet Talk Today features audio recordings covering a wide range of topics such as dealing with severe sound phobia, separation anxiety, and summer heat.


The Trainable Cat – book

If you’ve ever asked “Can I train my cat?,” this book answers a big, resounding YES. It presents science-based methods to train a cat, further strengthening the bond between you and your foster or pet.

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Kitten Kindergarten

Form a strong relationship with your foster or adopted kitten through enrichment and training classes offered by Pet Nurture.


Pam Johnson-Bennett / Cat Behavior Associates

Are you faced with confusing cat behavior, overgrooming, or eating problems? This website provides answers for common and uncommon cat-related issues.

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Dog Training – Become A Dog Trainer – Dog Training Career

Equip yourself with all the tools and knowledge to turn your dog training pastime into a full-time profession.

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Quick Guide: Enrichment for Your Pets at Home

Online course

Foundation Jump Training

Awesome Paws Agility Academy is a website that offers online individual or group courses. It is devoted to teaching classes on dog agility and dog handling.  


E-Training for Dogs

E-Training for Dogs is a website that offers comprehensive online programs for dog owners and dog trainers. The website offers pet-sitting courses (specifically for horse care), and more.