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Pam Johnson-Bennett / Cat Behavior Associates

Are you faced with confusing cat behavior, overgrooming, or eating problems? This website provides answers for common and uncommon cat-related issues.

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Dog Training – Become A Dog Trainer – Dog Training Career

Equip yourself with all the tools and knowledge to turn your dog training pastime into a full-time profession.

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Quick Guide: Enrichment for Your Pets at Home

Online course

Foundation Jump Training

Awesome Paws Agility Academy is a website that offers online individual or group courses. It is devoted to teaching classes on dog agility and dog handling.  


E-Training for Dogs

E-Training for Dogs is a website that offers comprehensive online programs for dog owners and dog trainers. The website offers pet-sitting courses (specifically for horse care), and more.


Cyber Dog

Cyber Dog is a website that hosts flexible online courses for dog training in the form of fun, easy-to-follow videos. 


Puppy Potty Log – app

Puppy Potty Log is an app that helps new puppy owners create a consistent housetraining schedule for their pup. The mobile app lets users input their puppy’s pee, poo, and meal times, and sets up the best potty training timetable based on these details.

Online course

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Business 101

Rated 4.6 over 5 stars by 1,883 students, this Universal Class course is a must-take class for people thinking of starting a pet sitting and/or pet walking service. The online course gives an overview of the qualities that make for a good pet sitter and dog walker, as well as how to run your own business and make it a successful one!

Online course

Dog Grooming 101

This Universal Class online course has been taken by 2,970 participants, and has received a 4.7-star rating by 2,808 course takers. It teaches students how to meet a dog’s grooming needs, from bathing and brushing to dealing with uncommon occurrences and emergencies.

Online course

Dog Training 101

Dog Training 101 is a 24-session online training course offered on the website, The Great Courses Plus. The course shows the benefits of training dogs for both the owner and his pet. Each lecture runs from 21 to 34 minutes long, allowing the student to learn and master different training methods in a digestible format.

Online course

Advanced Dog Training

Garnering a 4.4 over 5 score from 865 students, this Universal Class course goes beyond the dog training basics of sit, come, and stay. Through 10 lessons, you dive into the advanced world of dog training and create an even deeper relationship with your pet.


Cat Training – app

If you think cats can’t be trained, think again! We’re excited about trying out this next listing – the Cat Training app – and urge you to give it a go and tell us how it went.