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Foundation Jump Training

Online course • An independent course on foundation jump training for dogs.

The Foundation Jump Training is offered by Awesome Paws Agility Academy.

Awesome Paws Agility Academy is a website that offers online individual or group courses. It is devoted to teaching classes on dog agility and dog handling.  

What is it?

Foundation Jump Training – Independent Study is an independent study offered by Awesome Paws Agility Academy to dog agility trainers whose goal is to create a solid and consistent foundation with the body language they use to cue their dog on the course. 

Who’s behind it?

Linda Mecklenburg, who has been involved in dog agility since 1990. Mecklenburg is recognised as one of the best agility instructors in the United States, and has joined and won many national and international dog agility competitions over the years. Aside from dog handling, she is a well-known expert on dog jumping. She is the author of the agility handling book, Developing Handling Skills, and the resource, Developing Jumping Skills. 

How much does the course cost?

The Foundation Jump Training – Independent Study course costs 35 USD, and can be accessed for 6 months. 

*Please note these rates are based on currency conversions at the time of writing this post and may fluctuate.

What does the course include?

The lessons and videos cover the following: the jump, collection, bending, jumping from variable distance and angle, jumping toward and away from the handler, and fundamental location (shoulder and motion cues). The course will shape your dog’s initial jumping efforts with the help of a clicker, one wingless jump, and treats.

Why is this course better than other online training courses?

With this dog agility course, your dog will be provided with the building blocks he needs to reach his jumping potential. He will build his awareness of the bar, be encouraged to jump over it using the correct form, and develop his ability to collect and bend. The affordable online course can be accessed by students on their own. Though they do not have access to post their own videos, they can learn from the videos submitted by previous students as well as the discussions and explanations with the instructor.  

How do I start it?

Click here to get more details about the course. You are required to be a member of the Awesome Paws Forum before registering for the class.



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