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The Community Cats Podcast

Podcast • An informative podcast that aims to help community cats.

This podcast aims to empower people to help the cats in their neighbourhood.

Since its first episode in 2016, this podcast has been providing information, education, and dialogue to create a more supportive environment that empowers people to help the cats in their community.

Whose podcast is it?

Stacy LeBaron, who has been involved in animal welfare for over 20 years. She is a respected leader in the feline rescue and TNR community in the USA. 

Is it free or paid?

It is free on various platforms.

Who is the podcast’s intended audience?

The podcast is for anyone who cares about cats, for anyone who would like to help out the free-roaming or potentially stray cats in their community, or for anyone who already belongs to an organisation that helps its neighbourhood cats. The goal of the podcast is to transform passion into action. 

Why should I listen to it right now?

Most of the digestible weekly episodes run at 30 minutes. These can be enjoyed while you’re out driving, unwinding at home, or taking a break in between tasks. LeBaron shares her own foolproof tips on feline rescue while chatting with fellow community cat enthusiasts. She also interviews nationally and internationally renowned experts to help with the problem of cat overpopulation and cat welfare.

If you don’t know where to start, kick things off with the episodes that start off with “A Best of CCP Episode!” Listen to interviews with Mike Keiley (MSPCA) & Carmine DiCenso (Dakin Humane Society), animal welfare leaders and innovators who share the progress they have seen with their own community cats over the years; cat behaviourist and host Jackson Galaxy, who shares the life-saving initiatives his foundation is spearheading throughout the country; and Kim Freeman, who turned her lifelong love for cats into a career and became a  professional missing cat finder!   

Where can I hear it?

You can listen to it on the The Community Cats websiteSpotify, or Apple Podcasts.



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