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Cat School – Online Classes

Online courses • A variety of online classes to help train your cat.

Cat School offers three feline-focused classes.

Looking for activities to mentally and physically stimulate your cat? Cat School offers three classes that just might spark Kitty’s interest. 

What is it?

Cat School is an online platform that offers classes to help deepen the relationship between a cat owner and his cat, all while helping the latter learn fun and practical behaviours. Available classes include Clicking With Your Cat, Cat Harness Training, and Cat Nail Trimming

Clicking With Your Cat is an introduction to cat clicker training. This technique can assist in managing a cat’s behaviour and help a cat pick up new skills. Meanwhile, Cat Harness Training can help get a cat comfortable with wearing a harness—which is an essential step to safely walking her on a leash. Lastly, Cat Nail Trimming is a four-week course with weekly goals to achieve.

All the online courses are created by an applied animal behaviourist. Aside from watching instructional guides and getting supplementary notes, the platform allows students enrolled in Clicking With Your Cat to upload training videos, get feedback on them, post questions, and read previously discussed questions and answers. Students enrolled in the two other classes can get personalised email support from the instructor.

Who’s behind it?

Julie, who got into cat training after meeting and adopting James. She initially posted her fun training lessons with James on Instagram, and got multiple inquiries about it.

How much are the classes?

Clicking With Your Cat costs 50 USD, Cat Harness Training costs 20 USD, and Cat Nail Trimming costs 25 USD. There’s also an option to purchase the Clicker Training Toolkit for 25 USD.

*Please note these rates are based on currency conversions at the time of writing this post and may fluctuate.

How does it help me right now?

Aside from enriching your cat’s mind and body, training your cat can help you bond in a new and exciting manner. When you’ve achieved the goals set in the course you picked, you can do more things together, such as perform cool tricks, take outdoor walks, and/or have stress-free grooming sessions.  

How does it work? Why is it better the offline or traditional alternative?

All the virtual classes can be taken at your own and your cat’s pace. This allows you the freedom to choose when and where to take the classes. However, the first two courses can only be accessed for one year after enrollment.

Where can I get more information on the classes?

You can get more details here.



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