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Whole Dog Journal

Website • In-depth articles about all aspects of dog care and training.

Whole Dog Journal is produced by Belvoir Media Group.

If you’re looking for quality reading material that helps you understand your dog a whole lot better, then the Whole Dog Journal is a worthy start. The website offers informative and well-researched articles on dog care and training and has a pretty well-run email newsletter that brings the journal to your inbox every day. It covers topics such as natural care, complementary therapies, proper diet, and product reviews; it equips dog owners with the tools to understand and care for their pet.  

Who writes for the website?

Whole Dog Journal has an editorial staff and regular contributors that write for the website and their journals. It is produced by Belvoir Media Group, which also owns Dogster and Catster.   

What do they sell?

They offer discounted annual digital and print subscriptions of the Whole Dog Journal for $20 USD excluding postage fees. They also offer special issues on certain topics, which can be found in their online store. The print issues can be delivered anywhere in the world.   

Why is it awesome for stay-at-home pet parents right now?

Stay-at-home pet parents can catch up on dog-related readings by buying back issues of the journal, or going through comprehensive categories on the website that pique their interest. 

Online readers can look through food (discover different types of commercial and homemade dog food), behaviour (learn how to read a dog’s body language), training (try beginner and advanced training techniques), health (find out about different dog illnesses), care (get into dog grooming at home), lifestyle (discover Whole Dog Journal’s top dog accessories and their recommended ball-throwing tools for fetch), puppies (follow nutritional guidelines to maximise a puppy’s growth), and blog (it discusses life with dogs during COVID-19, and the repercussions of the pandemic on dog-related businesses).  

What makes this website stand out from other pet-themed blogs?

The website is 100% subscriber-supported and does not carry advertisements. Whole Dog Journal shares expert secrets and success stories related to natural dog care, so pet owners can look after their dog’s well-being in the most informed way.

Is it local or global?

Belvoir Media Group has its headquarters in Connecticut, USA, but its website can be accessed worldwide. 

Who is its perfect audience?

New dog owners, experienced paw parents, as well as animal enthusiasts who want to learn a thing or two about caring for canines.

Where can I read it?

Visit the Whole Dog Journal website here.


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