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Is Alya Skin Cruelty Free?

Yes, Alya Skin is cruelty free. Alya Skin is a Melbourne-based skincare brand that ships its products from two locations: Australia and the USA. Founded in 2018, it is known for producing the Australian Pink Clay Mask as well as other products that cleanse, hydrate, brighten, and protect the skin. From eye care creams to… Continue reading Is Alya Skin Cruelty Free?

Is Alkaglam Cruelty Free?

Yes, Alkaglam is cruelty free. Alkaglam is an American skincare brand that uses a unique water filtration system that slowly releases minerals (such as magnesium, zinc, and tourmaline) to hydrate and moisturise the skin. It was founded by Michelle Vidal in 2018 with the help of her father who had vast experience in creating innovations… Continue reading Is Alkaglam Cruelty Free?

Is CleanClean Cruelty Free?

Yes, CleanClean is cruelty free. Manufactured in Massachusetts, USA, CleanClean is a brand that offers a subscription box of eco-friendly home cleaning products. They also offer highly concentrated face, body, and hair cleansing products made with plant-derived ingredients such as soapbark. Since they don’t believe in using toxic chemicals that may harm people and the… Continue reading Is CleanClean Cruelty Free?

Is 365 by Whole Foods Market Cruelty Free?

Yes, 365 by Whole Foods Market is cruelty free. 365 was created by Whole Foods Market, an American supermarket chain that has its headquarters in Austin, Texas. The 365 collection features a bevy of products ranging from body and skin care to kitchen and laundry cleaners.  Since 2021, the Leaping Bunny program by the Coalition… Continue reading Is 365 by Whole Foods Market Cruelty Free?

Is The Australian Soap Kitchen Cruelty Free?

Yes, The Australian Soap Kitchen is cruelty free. The Australian Soap Kitchen was founded by Sara Fieschi, who spent over 20 years studying, researching, and teaching health and wellness at a Melbourne-based university. She developed the brand after pondering about the ingredients found in everyday household cleaning products, and what people were feeding on their… Continue reading Is The Australian Soap Kitchen Cruelty Free?

Is Chaé Organics Cruelty Free?

Yes, Chaé Organics is cruelty free. Chaé Organics manufactures and distributes skin, bath, body, hair, household, and wellness products from the USA. The brand is committed to “do no harm” by creating toxic-free products that care for the skin and the individual.  On their “Why Toxic Free?” page, they state, “At Chaé Organics, we genuinely… Continue reading Is Chaé Organics Cruelty Free?

Is Grab Green Cruelty Free?

Yes, Grab Green is cruelty free. Grab Green was founded by Patricia Spencer and Michael Edell, who teamed up to develop a line of eco-responsible cleaning products. The American brand offers home cleaning and laundry care products made from high-quality and responsibly sourced plant- and mineral-based ingredients. They’ve even expanded to selling air fresheners and… Continue reading Is Grab Green Cruelty Free?

Is Miessence Cruelty Free?

Yes, Miessence is cruelty free. ACO Certified Organic since 2001, Miessence is an Australian brand created by ONEgroup (Organic & Natural Enterprise Group). It uses 100% natural, potent, and active ingredients to create household care, skin care, body care, hair care, dental hygiene, personal care, and cosmetic products. These raw materials are cold-formulated to provide… Continue reading Is Miessence Cruelty Free?

Is LUSH Cosmetics Cruelty Free?

Yes, LUSH Cosmetics is cruelty free. LUSH Cosmetics is a UK brand known for their scented bath bombs. But more than that, they offer hydrating products for the hair, face, and body.   On their website, LUSH shares one of their core values since they opened their first shop: fighting a life-long campaign against the use… Continue reading Is LUSH Cosmetics Cruelty Free?

Is Alexami Cosmetics Cruelty Free?

Yes, Alexami Cosmetics is cruelty free. Alexami Cosmetics formulates cosmetics, skin care, and body care products that help achieve inner and outer wellbeing. It harnesses the power of active botanical ingredients and uses modern scientific research to create its formulations.  On the website under the Our Mission section, Alexami Cosmetics reveals its goal “to make… Continue reading Is Alexami Cosmetics Cruelty Free?

Is Y natural Cruelty Free?

Yes, Y natural is cruelty free. Y natural is an Australian made and owned brand that manufactures skin care and hair care products. The brand uses Bulgarian Rose Otto as its signature ingredient, as well as other natural ingredients to nourish the skin. Y natural states that their items do not contain silicone, petrochemical ingredients,… Continue reading Is Y natural Cruelty Free?

Is Warbotanicals Cruelty Free?

Yes, Warbotanicals is cruelty free. Originating from Warburton, Warbotanicals offers herbal and aromatherapy products for wellbeing. These include skin care, body care, pet care, herbal teas, and essential oils. The brand was founded by Donna Fowler, a qualified naturopath with over 20 years of natural therapies experience.    Though Warbotanicals makes no mention of its stance… Continue reading Is Warbotanicals Cruelty Free?