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Is Raw Nature Cruelty Free?

Yes, Raw Nature is cruelty free. Raw Nature was founded by Nicky Jagger after reassessing the body care products she, her husband, and their teenage daughters were using. The plant-based products she originally crafted in the kitchen soon found a place in other people’s homes. Natural deodorants, solid moisturisers, and bug repellents are just some… Continue reading Is Raw Nature Cruelty Free?

Is Trader Joe’s Cruelty Free?

Yes, Trader Joe’s is cruelty free. Trader Joe’s is a chain of neighbourhood grocery stores available across America. It supplies high quality products such as fresh produce and canned options, all at affordable prices. Though the brand is known for their wide selection of food, they also offer home and body products. Their noteworthy cleaning… Continue reading Is Trader Joe’s Cruelty Free?

Is CleanClean Cruelty Free?

Yes, CleanClean is cruelty free. Manufactured in Massachusetts, USA, CleanClean is a brand that offers a subscription box of eco-friendly home cleaning products. They also offer highly concentrated face, body, and hair cleansing products made with plant-derived ingredients such as soapbark. Since they don’t believe in using toxic chemicals that may harm people and the… Continue reading Is CleanClean Cruelty Free?

Is 365 by Whole Foods Market Cruelty Free?

Yes, 365 by Whole Foods Market is cruelty free. 365 was created by Whole Foods Market, an American supermarket chain that has its headquarters in Austin, Texas. The 365 collection features a bevy of products ranging from body and skin care to kitchen and laundry cleaners.  Since 2021, the Leaping Bunny program by the Coalition… Continue reading Is 365 by Whole Foods Market Cruelty Free?

Is The Australian Soap Kitchen Cruelty Free?

Yes, The Australian Soap Kitchen is cruelty free. The Australian Soap Kitchen was founded by Sara Fieschi, who spent over 20 years studying, researching, and teaching health and wellness at a Melbourne-based university. She developed the brand after pondering about the ingredients found in everyday household cleaning products, and what people were feeding on their… Continue reading Is The Australian Soap Kitchen Cruelty Free?

Is Harriet Herbery Cruelty Free?

Yes, Harriet Herbery is cruelty free. Founded more than 20 years ago, Harriet Herbery was originally created by Laura A’Bell. Melanie Worsfold took over the company in 2019, and continues to produce fair trade and sustainably sourced aromatherapy-based products. Aside from manufacturing essential oils, they have expanded to creating aromatherapy blends, botanical body care, and… Continue reading Is Harriet Herbery Cruelty Free?

Is Bacoff Cruelty Free?

Yes, Bacoff is cruelty free. Bacoff manufactures affordable cleaning products derived from sustainably sourced and 100% natural Australian ingredients. Baby care, body care, pet care, and general household care are some of the hypoallergenic collections they offer. Their formulations are stored in biodegradable packaging for minimal impact on the environment.  On their Malaysian website, Bacoff… Continue reading Is Bacoff Cruelty Free?

Is Chaé Organics Cruelty Free?

Yes, Chaé Organics is cruelty free. Chaé Organics manufactures and distributes skin, bath, body, hair, household, and wellness products from the USA. The brand is committed to “do no harm” by creating toxic-free products that care for the skin and the individual.  On their “Why Toxic Free?” page, they state, “At Chaé Organics, we genuinely… Continue reading Is Chaé Organics Cruelty Free?

Is Plant Therapy Cruelty Free?

Yes, Plant Therapy is cruelty free. Founded in 2011 by Chris Jones, Plant Therapy is a certified cruelty free and USDA organic brand. It carries 100% pure and natural products for the body (hand, face, bath) and home (scents, cleaners, laundry). They even manufacture essential oils specially formulated for dogs and horses.   On their website,… Continue reading Is Plant Therapy Cruelty Free?

Is Soapnut Republic Cruelty Free?

Yes, Soapnut Republic is cruelty free. Soapnut Republic features general cleaning, laundry care, and personal products. It was created with the health and safety of the founders’ (Bobby Mitchell and Kim Gilliland) young children in mind, making sure to only use the finest nature-derived ingredients. From general cleaning and laundry care to personal care, their… Continue reading Is Soapnut Republic Cruelty Free?

Is Cove Cruelty Free?

Yes, Cove is cruelty free. Cove is an American brand that sells pure and vegan liquid castile soap in unscented and scented options. With ingredients sourced in the USA, its gentle formulation can be used for the hair, body, home, and even pets.  On Cove’s FAQs page, they share their stance on animal testing. “No.… Continue reading Is Cove Cruelty Free?

Is Faith in Nature Cruelty Free?

Yes, Faith in Nature is cruelty free. Faith in Nature was founded by Rivka Rose in 1974. She established the brand with the intention of introducing organic shampoo to the British market. From hair care products, Faith in Nature has expanded to manufacturing cleansing products for the hands, body, and home. On their product information… Continue reading Is Faith in Nature Cruelty Free?