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Can Dogs Eat Nacho Cheese?

Can Dogs Eat Nacho Cheese?

No, it is not advisable for dogs to eat nacho cheese.

Nacho cheese is a melted topping used for the snack food of the same name. To create the dip, cheeses such as cheddar, mozzarella, swiss, and processed cheese are melted together. However, other ingredients such as spices may also be used. 

Unless you’re making your own nacho cheese, it is best not to offer it to your dog. Multiple recipes use butter, hot peppers, garlic powder, salt, and black pepper to enhance the flavour of the melted cheese. These ingredients are known to be harmful for canine pets. 

What to do if your dog accidentally eats nacho cheese: Some dogs may have intolerances or allergies to dairy. Make sure your dog can handle lactose by getting your veterinarian’s approval before letting him try any type of cheese. Only offer him a lick of nacho cheese devoid of other ingredients. If your dog experiences gas, bloats, vomits, and/or has diarrhea after eating nacho cheese, he may be lactose intolerant. Meanwhile, skin and ear irritation that manifests after consumption may be a sign of a lactose allergy. 

If your dog accidentally ate nachos mixed with other ingredients, food poisoning may manifest depending on what and how much he consumed. Some nachos contain chili beans, jalapeños, lime, pickles, and onions. Observe him for nausea, vomiting, dizziness, panting, salivation, extreme thirst, incontinence, diarrhea, hyperactivity, and cramping.

In summary: Dogs can try plainly cooked nacho cheese, but only occasionally and in small amounts. Since the dip is not nutritionally beneficial for your pooch, why not offer him other human foods packed with vitamins and minerals? Find out which fruits and vegetables you can feed your dog under our “can dogs eat” category.


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