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Can Dogs Eat Butter?

Can Dogs Eat Butter?

Butter is a yellowish dairy product consisting of a “solid emulsion of fat globules, water, and inorganic salts produced by churning the cream from cows’ milk.” It is commonly used for cooking or baking. 

Pet Poison Helpline recommends that this fatty food should not be given to your dog because it may trigger pancreatitis, or what is known as inflammation of the pancreas. The high dairy content may also trigger digestive issues in dogs who are lactose intolerant. Diarrhea or upset stomach are two common side effects. 

What to do if your dog accidentally eats butter: Get in touch with your veterinarian and inform him how much butter your dog ate. Observe your pet for signs of delayed onset vomiting (about one to four days after consumption of fatty food), abdominal pain, diarrhea (either with or without blood), reduced appetite, and lethargy.

In summary: Consuming butter will not benefit your dog. Even if it contains vitamins and potassium, the significant amount of cholesterol and saturated fat found in it will be detrimental to his health. Also, be wary of feeding him table scraps or treats cooked with butter such as steak or pastries. 

Instead of allowing your dog to eat butter, discover which other human food he can safely eat in our “can dogs eat” category.


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Can My Dog Eat Butter?

Is Table Food Poisonous For Dogs?

Can My Dog Eat Butter?

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