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Find out which human foods are right or wrong for your canine friend.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Pork?

Dogs should not eat raw pork because it may be contaminated with harmful organisms. Pork is a type of meat that comes from domestically raised pigs. It may be safely eaten by humans in freshly cooked and preserved forms. Though cooked and unseasoned pork may be given to canines in very limited amounts, raw pork… Continue reading Can Dogs Eat Raw Pork?

Can Dogs Eat Raw Fish?

Dogs should not eat raw fish because harmful organisms may be present. Fish is an amazing source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins D and B12. Dogs can eat small, short-lived fish such as flounder, salmon, pike, ocean whitefish, lake whitefish, herring, walleye, and Arctic char. However, they should be cooked and unseasoned form. … Continue reading Can Dogs Eat Raw Fish?

Can Dogs Eat Raw Bacon?

Dogs should not eat raw bacon because of the possibility of harmful organisms. Usually taken from a pig’s stomach or back, bacon is cured animal meat that is known for being high in sodium and fat. Cooked bacon is not recommended for dogs to eat because of its nutritional profile. In the same way, raw… Continue reading Can Dogs Eat Raw Bacon?

Can Dogs Eat Beef Jerky?

No, dogs should not eat beef jerky because of its ingredients. Jerky is the term used for lean trimmed meat that has been dried through heating, preserved, and cut into strips. Though dogs are allowed to eat beef as a treat, the same cannot be said for beef jerky because of how it is prepared. … Continue reading Can Dogs Eat Beef Jerky?

Can Dogs Eat Noodles?

It depends. High in carbohydrates, noodles are long strings or strips made with ingredients such as wheat, rice, egg, or unleavened dough depending on its country of origin. From Italian pasta to Japanese udon, noodles can be cooked in boiling water, pan-fried, or deep-fried and served with toppings or combined with sauce or soup.    Noodles… Continue reading Can Dogs Eat Noodles?

Can Dogs Eat Acorns?

No, dogs cannot eat acorns because they are toxic for them. Also called as oaknut, acorns are nuts that come from the oak tree or shrub. They are enclosed in tough, leathery shells, ranging from light green to dark brown in colour. Acorns are used by humans to make flour and starch. However, they are… Continue reading Can Dogs Eat Acorns?

Can Dogs Eat Egg Yolk?

Yes, dogs can eat plainly cooked egg yolk in moderation. Rich in vitamins, minerals, lipids, and proteins, yolks are found in eggs laid by animals such as chicken and duck. The yolk is a nutritious part of the egg, which is meant to provide nutrients to help embryo development. Its colour can range from dark… Continue reading Can Dogs Eat Egg Yolk?

Can Dogs Eat Green Apples?

Yes, dogs can eat green apples in moderation. Similar to red-coloured apples, green apples can be given to dogs as long as hazardous parts are removed before feeding. Green apples are packed with fiber, protein, potassium, iron, and vitamin K, and are lower in sugar and carbs compared to red ones. Green apples are also… Continue reading Can Dogs Eat Green Apples?

Can Dogs Eat Mayo?

It is not advisable for dogs to eat mayo. Traditionally known as mayonnaise, mayo is a thick and creamy sauce used as a base for other sauces or as a spread. It is commonly made using oil, egg yolk, and an acid, which can either be vinegar or lemon juice. Though dogs can consume cooked… Continue reading Can Dogs Eat Mayo?

Can Dogs Eat Jalapeño?

No, dogs cannot eat jalapeño because of the capsaicin found in it. Jalapeño is commonly used by humans to add heat to their food. It is a medium-sized chili pepper that belongs to the species Capsicum annuum. The green-coloured fruit may be eaten as is, or ripened into yellow, orange, or red variants.  Though bell… Continue reading Can Dogs Eat Jalapeño?

Christmas food

11 Christmas Food Toxic to Dogs and Cats

Ho ho ho! The holidays are here. And with it comes delicious home cooked meals shared with loved ones. If you’re a pet parent having family and friends over this merry month, it’s important to be aware of the appetising Christmas food being prepared and laid out in front of your fur family. Your dog… Continue reading 11 Christmas Food Toxic to Dogs and Cats

Can Dogs Eat Liver?

Yes, dogs can eat liver in moderation. Liver can come from a variety of sources such as pork, beef, chicken, lamb, and duck. It is an organ essential for digestion, regulating the blood’s chemical levels and removing toxic substances. When eaten, liver is a great source of iron, copper, vitamin A, and B vitamins. It… Continue reading Can Dogs Eat Liver?