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Can Cats Eat Peppers?

It depends on the pepper variety and how much she is served. Peppers are fruits from flowering plants that belong to the Capsicum genus. They consist of about 20 to 27 species in different colours (red, yellow, green, and orange) and varying capsaicin levels. Capsaicin is an active component that can cause a burning sensation… Continue reading Can Cats Eat Peppers?

Can Dogs Eat Apple Cores?

No, dogs cannot eat apple cores. Apples are sweet-tasting fruits that dogs can eat since they contain fiber, vitamins A and C, and other nutrients that would benefit canines. However, their core should be removed for multiple reasons. First off, the apple core may be a choking hazard and can cause blockage in your dog’s… Continue reading Can Dogs Eat Apple Cores?

Can Dogs Eat Red Peppers?

Yes, dogs can eat red peppers occasionally. Red peppers can be safely consumed by your dog. This crimson-coloured pepper is a non-spicy fruit from the plant of the Capsicum annuum species. It is also known in some countries as red bell pepper, capsicum, and sweet pepper.  As long as your pooch isn’t sensitive to nightshade… Continue reading Can Dogs Eat Red Peppers?

Which fruits and vegetables can your dog eat? [We reviewed over 60 options!]

Are you a paw parent who’s looking for creative ways to nourish your adopted dog? These days, it’s easy to integrate human-grade food as meal add-ons or homemade treats to serve your canine baby. However, giving food fit for humans is not always a good idea as some ingredients are surprisingly harmful for pooches. In… Continue reading Which fruits and vegetables can your dog eat? [We reviewed over 60 options!]

Can Cats Eat Cherries?

No, cats cannot eat cherries because of their chemical compounds. Cherries are red-coloured fruits that belong to the Rosaceae family. The trees are commonly grown in the Northern hemisphere and east Asia. Despite being safe for human consumption, cherries contain cyanogenic glycosides that are considered toxic for cats and dogs. The harmful substance can be… Continue reading Can Cats Eat Cherries?

Can Cats Eat Oranges?

No, cats cannot eat oranges as they contain toxic phenolic compounds and essential oils. Oranges are edible citrus fruits that belong to the Rutaceae family. There are more than 400 varieties grown in the world such as clementine, mandarin, tangerine, and valencia. Because of their naturally sweet and tart taste, oranges are enjoyed by humans… Continue reading Can Cats Eat Oranges?

Can Cats Eat Lemon?

No, cats cannot eat lemon due to harmful oils and compounds found in the fruit. Lemon is a citrus fruit that belongs to the flowering plant family, Rutaceae. It contains vitamins C and B—most notably thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin. The juice of the fruit is commonly used to enhance the flavour of many dishes, pastries,… Continue reading Can Cats Eat Lemon?

Can Cats Eat Chili?

No, cats cannot eat chili because of the capsaicin and capsaicinoids found in them. The long answer: Chili is the general term for hot chili peppers that come from the Capsicum plant. Chili peppers are known for packing in heat because of the chemical capsaicin and compound capsaicinoids found in them. Examples of chili peppers… Continue reading Can Cats Eat Chili?

Can Cats Eat Capsicum?

Cats can only eat certain types of capsicum. Capsicum is described by Wikipedia as “a genus of flowering plants in the nightshade family Solanaceae.” The plant bears fruits such as hot chili peppers (jalapeño, peperoncini, and peperoncino, to name a few) and mild bell peppers (which are simply called capsicum in Australia). These are sold… Continue reading Can Cats Eat Capsicum?

Can Cats Eat Sultanas?

It is not recommended for cats to eat sultanas due to its harmful compounds. Sultanas are dried fruits. They usually come from green seedless grapes, which turn gold or yellow after being coated then dried in an oil-based solution. However, sultanas can also be dark brown in colour when made without the drying solution. Just… Continue reading Can Cats Eat Sultanas?

Can Cats Eat Raspberries?

Yes, cats can eat raspberries but only in moderation. An aggregate fruit similar to strawberries and blackberries, raspberries can be eaten by your cat in limited quantities. This fruit is an excellent source of water, fiber, and nutrients that are good for your cat. Vitamins A and C, calcium, manganese, and potassium are some of… Continue reading Can Cats Eat Raspberries?

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon Rinds?

No, dogs should not eat watermelon rinds. Watermelon is a refreshing fruit that contains large amounts of lycopene. It is a powerful antioxidant with multiple health benefits. It can protect a person from the sun, improve his heart health, and even lower the risk of certain types of cancer. Though the fruit itself is safe… Continue reading Can Dogs Eat Watermelon Rinds?