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Amazing Acts: Ninja’s Rescued Kittens

Since 2017, Lady Logarta has been single-handedly running her independent rescue in Manila, Philippines called Ninja’s Rescued Kittens. As a child, she was already feeding stray cats, bringing home abandoned kittens, and caring for them with the help of her parents who were bonafide animal lovers. Lady shares what inspired her to set up Ninja’s… Continue reading Amazing Acts: Ninja’s Rescued Kittens

Amazing Acts: Kotawafa Animal Rescue

For the past 17 years, Neet Hada has been helping stray animals—dogs, cats, donkeys, horses, goats, and birds—in Rajasthan, a state located in the northwestern part of India. He created the Kotawafa Animal Rescue all on his own in 2001, which stands for Kota (the city he is based in) and WAFA (an acronym for… Continue reading Amazing Acts: Kotawafa Animal Rescue

Amazing Acts: It Started with Sam

The founding members of It Started with Sam began as a grassroots rescue group that focused on the plight of abused and abandoned strays in the Philippines. Since their first rescue in 2013, they have rescued hundreds of abandoned dogs and cats, nursed them back to health, and found them loving homes. Waldo’s Friends (WF):… Continue reading Amazing Acts: It Started with Sam

Pet Adoption and Rescue Tails: Asma Sheikh

Asma Sheikh left her longtime corporate job to pursue two passions: apparel and animals. She shares, “I am already working towards rescue and welfare work in my home state, Kashmir (Northern India), but it’s still in nascent stages as there are many limitations and the welfare work is done completely by volunteers.” The rescue volunteer… Continue reading Pet Adoption and Rescue Tails: Asma Sheikh

Amazing Acts: Pawssion Project

Pawssion Project is a relatively new rescue shelter found in Victorias City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. The non-profit organisation started last October 11, 2018 after its founder, Malou Perez, came across a Facebook post about 50 unwanted dogs who were scheduled to be put to death by gunshot at the local pound. The post compelled her… Continue reading Amazing Acts: Pawssion Project

Amazing Acts: Paw Pals Animal Rescue

Paw Pals Animal Rescue (PPAR) is a non-profit organisation established in 2007. It focuses on rescuing cats in Shanghai, China, providing them with shelter, love, and medical care while finding their forever homes. Waldo’s Friends chatted with Alejandra Vasquez Delama, a senior volunteer who spends most of her time spreading the word about the cause… Continue reading Amazing Acts: Paw Pals Animal Rescue

Amazing Acts: Hound Haven

Founded in December 2015 by Maxin Arcebal, Chelsea Pecson, and Addi Dela Cruz, Hound Haven was created as a rehabilitation and adoption center for retired working dogs. The 1,200-square-meter center located in Bulacan, Philippines gives retired canines the proper behavioural and physical training they need to help them adjust to their new lives as house… Continue reading Amazing Acts: Hound Haven