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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Stumped about what to send over to your loved ones this yuletide season? Whether you’re filled with the spirit of Christmas or just thinking of ways to show others that you care, we here at Waldo’s Friends have the perfect gift suggestions for you! Our ultimate holiday gift guide rounds up 110 carefully curated presents you can send over to the people in your life. We’ve broken down our gift ideas depending on your recipient’s interests and what they’re passionate about, namely:

Animal Rescue

In our list The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Animal Rescuer in Your Life, we share 20 thoughtful gift suggestions that: 1) display your recipient’s love for animals; 2) speak out about the person’s animal rescue advocacy; 3) were made without hurting animals or testing on them; 4) proudly support animal-related causes. You can choose from five categories such as fashion, accessories, kitchen, home, and travel.


You’ll go crazy over the 20 items we found in The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Crazy Cat Lover in Your Life! From fashion and accessories to home and entertainment, there are plenty of choices to put a contented smile on a cat lover’s face. No doubt, these gifts will express a person’s obsession over cats. At the same time, they highlight his obsession in a witty or humorous way. Some are even adorned with cute graphics or funny puns to remind the ailurophile of the true royalty in his life!


Check out The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Crazy Dog Lover in Your Life if you’re raring to find something for a person who devotes most of his time and energy to his four-legged best friends! There are 20 pawsome options to choose from broken down into fashionable finds, cool accessories, dog-inspired home items, and travel essentials. A few are even chosen especially for Pooch!


You don’t need to put in that extra effort to find a conscientious present for the vegan in your life—we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. Animal friendly? Check! Climate neutral? Check again! The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Vegan in Your Life presents 30 vegan-approved presents for you to select from. Plus, we made sure that: 1) the items aren’t made of animals, animal by-products, and animal derivatives; 2) the items are made of natural, plant-based ingredients or synthetic, recycled materials; and 3) the companies do not test on animals. 


Do you know someone who is a staunch supporter of animals, plants, and microorganisms that grow in the wild? If you answered yes, then The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Wildlife Lover in Your Life is the list you should check out! With 20 presents split into fashion, accessories, home, and travel categories, the amazing gift options show support for wildlife in interesting ways. Even better, no testing or harming of animals were done while making them.

In Conclusion

Animal rescuers, cat lovers, dog lovers, vegans, wildlife lovers were top of mind when we selected the 110 items for this ultimate holiday gift guide. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t give them to yourself! Purchase the ones that catch your eye and your 2020 will certainly end on a high note. Happy holidays!

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