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How to Use the Shelter Dashboard on Waldo’s Friends

How to Use the Shelter Dashboard on Waldo’s Friends

Are you working for a cat animal rescue or dog shelter based in Australia that’s seeking to expand its reach? You’ve come to the right place! Waldo’s Friends aims to help pet rescues connect with prospective fosters and adopters through its Pet Finder—an absolutely free pet rescue listing platform.

Utilise this online platform by signing up (find out more here!), then unlock all its user-friendly features. Here’s a quick list of nine things you can do on the Shelter Dashboard after opening a free account:

Log in to your account

Before anything else, log in to your account here to access your Shelter Dashboard. Type your username/email address and password, then click on the “Sign In” button.

pet finder log in
Both fields are required to access your Waldo’s Friends account

If you don’t have a Shelter account yet, you can register here!

TIP: We’ve devoted special posts for adding and editing a pet listing, so click on their respective links above to learn more.

View all your posted pets

As soon as you log in to your account, you can see a preview of all your listed pets. Your rescues are listed by date (rightmost column) in chronological order, from your newest (top) to your earliest rescue (bottom).

shelter dashboard
Image thumbnails on the leftmost column help you quickly see who’s who

Search your posted pet by name

Step 1: Click on the blue button with the magnifying glass icon on the upper right side. 

search bar
With just a click, the blue button turns into a search bar

Step 2: Type in the name of the pet in the empty field, and click “Search.”

search result
After the name is entered in the upper right search field, his profile appears below

Find your posted pet/s using set filters

Use the set filters to find specific groups of animals. Choose from the following: 

  • Species (cat/dog)
  • Size (large/medium/small)
  • Gender (female/male)
  • Age (adult/puppy/senior)
  • Availability (adopted/available/pre adoption)
filter results
This is an example of a search result using multiple filters

Check applications for each pet listing

Step 1: On the main Shelter Dashboard, you can instantly see how many applications your rescue pet has. 

applications on dashboard
The fourth column lists down the total applications for a pet

Step 2: Click on a specific animal’s profile, so you can get more details on his pending applications at the bottom of the page. Or use our filters on the bottom right to categorise your applications.

pet page applications
Filter shortlisted, rejected, or approved applications pre-vetted by Waldo’s Friends

Change the status of your pet

Step 1: Update the status of your rescue animal from “pre adoption” to “ready for adoption.” From the main Shelter Dashboard, click on the white “Edit” button found under the pet’s name (second column).

shelter dashboard
You can see a pet’s posted status on the third column

Step 2: Remove the check mark beside the “Pre-adoption” text found under the Description box. Don’t forget to revise your copy as needed to let people know he’s now up for adoption. When you’re done, click the red “Update” button found at the bottom.

original post
This is the original posted content for Jaemin, a foster cat
revised post
Jaemin’s tagline has been revised and the check mark in the Pre-adoption box has been removed, making him ready for adoption

Step 3: A green bar at the top with the words “View Now” guarantees your post has been successfully updated. No need to wait for an email message from Waldo’s Friends to confirm the changes.

changes approved
Review your updated listing by clicking on the “View Now” text or the red “View” button

Delete your pet listing

Step 1: If for any reason you’d like to delete a rescue listing, do so by simply clicking on the red “Delete” button found below the animal’s name (second column).

delete column
Every listing comes with “Edit” and “Delete” buttons

Step 2: Once you’ve clicked the “Delete” button, a bar will appear at the top. Click “Okay” to delete this pet listing.

delete box confirmation
The pet is permanently deleted once you click on the “Okay” button

Created especially for shelter owners and rescue volunteers, Pet Finder by Waldo’s Friends hopes to extend a helping hand to animal rescues throughout Australia. Help us spread the word by sharing this free resource with other passionate pet rescue volunteers and animal enthusiasts.

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