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Let’s talk rescue and what it means to “adopt, don’t shop”

Let’s Talk Rescue and What It Means to “Adopt, Don’t Shop”

What is an animal rescue?  An animal rescue organisation aimed at taking companion animals from situations where they are at risk of euthanasia for reasons not related to behaviour or health. An example would be a rescue that pulls dogs from shelters with a policy of euthanising dogs that are not adopted within a certain… Continue reading Let’s Talk Rescue and What It Means to “Adopt, Don’t Shop”

no-kill animal shelter

No-Kill Animal Shelter

“Each and every animal on earth has as much right to be here as you and me.” —A.D Williams This quote sums up the mission statement of any legitimate no-kill animal shelter in existence today. But, what exactly is a no-kill animal shelter? A no-kill animal shelter is an animal rescue shelter that doesn’t euthanise healthy… Continue reading No-Kill Animal Shelter