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Can Dogs Eat Great Northern Beans?

Can Dogs Eat Great Northern Beans?

Yes, dogs can eat small amounts of great northern beans that are plainly cooked. 

Belonging to the family Phaseolus vulgaris, great northern beans are edible legumes that are popular throughout North America. Similar to navy beans, these beans are commonly used for soups, stews, and casseroles because of their size and flavour. 

Your canine pet can eat this type of white beans as long as they are prepared properly and given in moderation. Before anything else, seek your veterinarian’s approval before letting your pooch try it. Aside from protein and fiber, your dog can obtain vitamins and minerals such as folate, phosphorus, and manganese by eating these beans. 

How to feed great northern beans to your dog: Do not feed your dog raw or canned great northern beans. Soak your dried beans before cooking them. This will help lessen the cooking time and reduce gas-causing tendencies. It takes about one to two hours to boil great northern beans. However, you can extend the duration until you attain the desired tenderness. 

When cooking great northern beans for your dog, refrain from adding unnecessary flavours such as salt, onion, garlic, butter, and other spices. Certain kitchen ingredients are toxic for dogs and may affect his organs instantly.

Here are three ideas for great northern bean treats your dog will love:

  1. Replace kidney beans with great northern beans in this recipe.
  2. Mash a piece of boiled great northern bean and let him lick it from your hand. 
  3. Add a few pieces of these cooked beans over his regular food.

In summary: A low fat and low calorie treat, great northern beans can assist with your dog’s overall health. These beans can aid with digestion, strengthen his immune system, and help in muscle and bone development. Just make sure you follow the correct feeding amount and frequency recommended by your vet. 

Explore our “can dogs eat” category to discover other human foods your canine pet can safely consume.


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