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Is VO5 Cruelty Free?

Is VO5 Cruelty Free?

The short answer: No, VO5 is not entirely cruelty free.

The long answer: Short for Alberto VO5, VO5 started off as a conditioning hairdressing made by a chemist named Alberto. VO5 pertains to five vitamin oils, ingredients that are included in the hair repair formula. These include Sunflower Seed Oil, Mango Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Rosemary Leaf Oil, and Chamomile Flower Oil. 

After being acquired by Leonard Lavin in 1955, VO5 soon expanded into a full range of hair care products: shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, and hot oil treatment. Later on, VO5 and its sister brand Nexxus was purchased by the Anglo-Dutch consumer goods company, Unilever

In the FAQs section of its official website, VO5 states, “Our finished product is not tested on animals.” However, the brand does not elaborate whether their raw ingredients are tested on animals by their suppliers or authorised third parties. It also does not have any PETA certifications unlike other cruelty-free Unilever brands: St. Ives and Suave. Because of insufficient details, we cannot consider VO5 as 100% cruelty free. 




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