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Can Dogs Eat Pasta?

Can Dogs Eat Pasta?

The short answer: Yes and no.

The long answer: Your dog can occasionally eat pasta as long as you serve it to him cooked and without any sauce or seasoning. Raw pasta is difficult to digest, and its sharp edges may tear your dog’s mouth, throat, esophagus, and/or intestines. Meanwhile, some of the pasta sauces and seasonings contain ingredients that may be harmful for your dog, such as salt, sugar, onion, and garlic

It is generally okay to serve pasta to your dog, but it’s important to note that it does not have any nutritional value that will benefit him. Too much pasta can make dogs easily tired, gain weight, and lack interest in everyday activities. Overconsumption of pasta may even lead to type 2 diabetes, with excessive thirst and urination as symptoms.  

Meanwhile, other dogs may also be allergic or highly sensitive to gluten or wheat. If your dog is allergic or sensitive, he may exhibit symptoms such as frequent ear infections, skin irritation, itching, vomiting, and/or diarrhea.     

How to feed pasta to your dog: Boil the pasta without salt. Make sure it is soft enough for your dog to eat. Drain the water. Serve the pasta noodles at room temperature, without any heavy sauces or extra flavourings. 

If your dog accidentally eats raw pasta, watch for signs of digestive upset and give him enough water to aid with his constipation. Call your veterinarian if symptoms persist. However, if he eats pasta laden with sauce, bring him to the emergency clinic immediately. Take note of the ingredients found in the sauce, so that you can inform the vet what your dog consumed.  

Here are three ideas for pasta treats your dog will love:

  1. Let your pooch enjoy this easy chicken, vegetable, and pasta dish.
  2. Here’s a dog-friendly pasta bolognese recipe for you to try!
  3. Expand your dog’s taste buds with quinoa pasta paired with chicken and beet

In summary: Made of flour, water, and eggs, pasta is a carbohydrate-rich treat that your dog can enjoy once in a while. Be careful not to feed your dog pasta more than 5 to 10% of his recommended daily diet because it may cause him to gain weight. However, some vets recommend feeding plain, cooked pasta to alleviate your dog’s upset stomach or help him recover from diarrhea. 


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Can My Dog Eat Pasta?

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