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A Guide to Fostering Dogs in Canberra

A Guide to Fostering Dogs in Canberra

Thanks to the assistance of tireless volunteers, animal rescues all over the world succeed with their mission of rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming pets in need. From organising fundraisers to donating financial aid as a corporation, these actions may vary but they all help in making the lives of rescue animals better. Fostering is another type of volunteer work that rescue centres and local shelters constantly need. The act helps rescue animals become more adoptable through socialisation and training. Dogs, cats, and even farm animals are available for foster care. 

If you’re living in Canberra or ACT and are interested in fostering a playful puppy, a shy adult dog, or a laidback senior pooch, check out this handy guide. Our blog post shares details on:

Rescues in need of dog foster carers

Start your dog fostering journey in Canberra or the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) by inquiring with the rescue groups listed below. Since Canberra is found within New South Wales, we also included NSW-based dog rescues worth checking out.

Remember to review the rescue’s guidelines to make sure you meet their requirements. Factors include your age, your transportation means, your location, and your home/yard space available. There’s a greater chance you’ll get accepted as a foster if you fulfil their prerequisites. When you’re ready, reach out to the non-profit of your choice. Send an email or fill out an application form on their website. 

ACT and Canberra

New South Wales

TIP: Check out PetRescue’s updated list of rescue groups that are in need of pet foster carers throughout Australia.  

Facebook groups to join

Be a member of these online communities to expand your knowledge on dog foster care:

  • Adopt/Foster/Rehome – Pets in Need Australia – This public Facebook group gives rescues an opportunity to post information on dogs, cats, and other animals that require foster care.
  • Animal Foster Carer Network Australia – Their mission is to have a digital space where people can look for reputable foster carers, and at the same time, find out when foster carers can take on animals.
  • Dog Foster Carers NSW – Made up of approximately 2,400 members living in New South Wales, this private group helps rescue groups connect with foster parents. The group also has helpful guides that “provide extensive information about how rescue works, what foster carers do, and how to become a foster carer of animals.”
  • Foster Carers Express (for animals only) – This public Facebook community helps local rescues find possible pet carers. It encourages animal foster carers living in Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand to sign up and get updates. 

Dog fostering resources to read

These helpful guides from various sources will make it easy for first-time foster parents to do their tasks.

Guide from RSPCA ACT

Guides from Animal Welfare League NSW

Guides from Waldo’s Friends

If you’re set on fostering canines, read our comprehensive guide on the requirements, skills, and equipment you need to foster one properly. We also share questions you should ask yourself before making this commitment. If you’re also curious about fostering cats, check out this blog post.

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