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Victorian Collie Rescue

About the shelter

Victorian Collie Rescue’s founder Sherel Money had first been exposed to the need for a breed-specific rescue after answering the cry for help from a collie owner needing to rehome a beloved pet back in 2000. The dog show handler (and now judge) started the organisation assisted by a number of volunteers and foster carers who are now indispensable members of this collie-loving organisation.

The Victorian Collie Rescue is the official rescue division of the Collie Club of Victoria Inc (CCV), but it operates completely independent of the club. The rescue operates throughout the state of Victoria, but it networks with the other collie-specific rescue centres in the nearby states since 2003. Collies are rescued from varied heartbreaking situations such as being abandoned, getting lost, being mistreated, having been surrendered at a shelter, overstaying at a pound, and saving them from being euthanised.

After being rescued, these dogs are given temporary shelter at any of the homes of the organisation’s foster carers. All rescued collies are assessed for behaviour, health, and temperament with carers finding out the likes and dislikes of their charges as well as assisting in finding the type of home that would best suit each animal. Devoted foster carers provide their foster animals with food, exercise, and any veterinary care, usually from their personal funds. Rescued collies come health checked, microchipped, and desexed.

It is up to the foster carers to go through suitable adoption applications and arrange a “meet and greet” with potential adopters at their possible new homes. After a “cooling-off period” and a decision has been reached by both foster carer and adopter, it is only then that the adopter is allowed to collect the collie from the foster carer. The rescue believes that this process stops the collies from feeling dumped. As the organisation is at times inundated with questions and enquiries, they insist that interested adopters fill out their questionnaire.

As they are a welfare organisation dedicated to a specific dog breed, they include interesting information on their site regarding the history of the breed, the breed’s personality, the breed as a family member, the breed at work/play, and how to choose a collie. Their site provides resources relating to the various illnesses of the breed as well as grooming tips. Every December, the group hosts an event where adopters that have kept in touch with the organisation have a chance to meet with other adopters, collie supporters, and collie enthusiasts.


  • The interest and welfare of unwanted purebred Collie Roughs and Collie Smooths are at the heart of Victorian Collie Rescue’s mission.
  • Their goal is to rescue, provide love, care, and assistance to as many abandoned or homeless collies as possible.

How you can help

Are you a collie enthusiast or do you just have a genuine need to help this beautiful breed? Victorian Collie Rescue accepts donations in cash or in kind. Financial donations can be made by direct credit or bank transfer. They also accept “doggie goodies” such as flea and tick treatments, deworming tablets, quality dry food, good quality chew toys, sleeping beds or crates, stainless bowls, and new martingale style collars and leads. The organisation is a supporter of the annual Victorian “Big Day Out for Dogs” to catch up on anything and everything collie related!






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