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Fetching Dogs

About the shelter

Co-founded by Sonja Ractivand in 2010, Fetching Dogs (FD) originally began as a website that assisted rescue groups in maximising the exposure of the work that they do. The following year, the website transformed into a non-profit registered charity operating all over New South Wales, Australia. Based in Razorback (in the Macarthur Region of NSW), the rescue collects puppies and dogs from uncertain futures—taking them in from council pounds or shelters, and providing them with temporary care with a foster family until a permanent home can be found. Fetching Dogs is passionate about rehoming responsibly and does their utmost best to match their fostered animals with compatible companions. This ensures that the animals get a second chance at life with the right family.

Unlike other organisations, FD does not indicate the breeds of their rescued animals unless it has come to the organisation with papers. The rescue does not believe that “visual breed identification” is in the best interest of the rescued animal as there is no scientific evidence to prove that people can tell the breed of a dog based on its looks. FD emphasizes a dog’s personality, behaviours, and traits to promote them and give them a better chance of finding a permanent home. 

All dogs that come to rescue are desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, and given flea and heartworm treatments. Rescued dogs stay with a foster carer for a minimum of two weeks, giving carers time to completely assess their charges for behaviour and health. A list of adoptable pooches is available on their website or on their PetRescue page. On their website, each canine has a write-up giving the potential adopter information about the dog’s previous background, its observed behaviours and temperament, and any health issues the dog may have.

Enquiries regarding a dog may be made by filling out FD’s online adoption application form. The organisation doesn’t allow adoptions on a first come, first served basis, but rather, the dogs are adopted out based on the home that they feel matches the dog the best. Adoptions undergo a “meet and greet” trial as well as a yard inspection. FD welcomes interstate adoptions except in Victoria where some breeds may fall to Breed Specific Legislation.

As FD is a completely volunteer-run organisation, it is always in need of people who can be foster carers. The rescue covers all veterinary work, professional training, and supplies such as dog food, toys, and bedding. All potential foster carers are asked to fill out the Foster Carer Application on their website.


  • Fetching Dogs works beyond breed labels and believes that dogs should not be judged visually by their breed as this is unreliable and unscientific.
  • The organisation dedicates itself to the rescue and rehoming of dogs, regardless of their breed or age. Fetching Dogs also promotes responsible pet ownership and animal welfare education.

How you can help

Entirely volunteer based, Fetching Dogs receives no funding, grants, or sponsorships, and relies solely on the generosity of the public, private businesses, and its fundraising efforts. Consider fostering a dog as the rescue is always keen on having new foster carers. Fostering is a great way of saving the life of a dog. 

Can’t foster? You might want to join the rescue as a volunteer. If you can help FD in transporting dogs, running events or stalls, creating fundraisers, or even supporting them online, complete their Volunteer Enquiry form now! FD also welcomes monetary, material, and time donations. Look out for their yearly calendars for fundraising, available on their Shop page.




Picton, NSW 2571



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