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Domestic Animal Birth Control Society

About the shelter

The Domestic Animal Birth Control Co-operative Society (DABS) Limited was founded by the late Norma Faulkner in 1978. A former soprano turned music teacher with a passion for domestic companion animals, she had founded the society to promote the welfare of her beloved animals. She believed that the proper education of pet owners and the desexing of both cats and dogs made them healthier and prevented unwanted animals from ending up in council pounds. As a champion for these four-legged creatures, she worked tirelessly until she passed away in 2009. She had worked towards providing the service of desexing domestic animals to as many people in the community as possible. 

The society eventually expanded into rescuing and rehoming as many animals as they can. DABS is not only a registered charity, but also a registered co-operative society headed by current president, Carol Maroun. All funds raised and donated to the organisation go towards the costs involved in the rescuing, rehabilitating, and caring for the animals.

There is evidence suggesting that desexing companion animals enables the animals to live healthier lives. These pets are less likely to display anti-social and territorial behaviour that is detrimental to the community. As a volunteer-run organisation, DABS assists low-income families, pensioners, and people who purchase undesexed domestic animals from New South Wales pounds to have their pets desexed. The society has vouchers available for people who do not have adequate financial means to have their companion animal desexed. Members of the society ask that interested persons ring one of the scheduled DABS representatives on specific days indicated on their website, as there is generally a very high volume of requests for vouchers, vaccinations, and microchipping. Those unable to contact the DABS representative should fill out the online form indicating the nearest veterinary clinic that participates in the discounted desexing scheme.

DABS has a list of adoptable cats and dogs on their website. All domestic animals that come into their care are vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped, desexed, treated for worms and fleas, and heartworm tested. Adoption enquiries may be made through their online form, or a potential adopter can meet some of the cats during business hours at the Fair Dinkum Pet Supplies store at Camden. DABS requests that enquiries be made to the society regarding available dogs in their care.


  • The Domestic Animal Birth Control Society advocates for the desexing of companion animals and works towards promoting legislation that protects domestic animals.
  • Promoting the welfare of both household dogs and cats, the organisation hopes to establish a better understanding of domestic animals and their specific needs.

How you can help

DABS is always searching for big-hearted sponsors to assist in their ongoing desexing programs as well as the veterinary costs of their rescues. The society is supported entirely by donations and grants from individuals and companies. Sponsoring one of the cats or dogs under a foster volunteer’s care can help support the animal until it finds a permanent home. You can also join the society in their regular stalls, raffles, and various forms of fundraising events throughout the year!




PO Box N229, Campbelltown, North NSW 2560 


61 4-59410700

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