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Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue

About the shelter

Have you ever seen that popular Tom Hanks movie, Turner and Hooch? The massive, drooling, wrinkled, floppy-eared, lovable dog Hooch is a Dogue de Bordeaux. Also known as a French mastiff, this popular breed was originally used as a guarding and hunting dog, but recent breeding programs coupled with the correct training and adequate socialisation can turn them into gentle giants instead of fierce guard dogs. Throughout the breed’s history in Australia, there have been occasions in which Dogues have found themselves in council pounds or in similarly unfortunate situations.

In 2005, the Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue Australia (DDBR) began as a small group of Dogue breeders and enthusiasts who expanded their passion for the breed into an extensive network of Dogue lovers throughout Australia to assist with rescuing and rehoming canines from the breed. As the need increased for this breed-specific service, the organisation is now the official rescue organisation for the Dogue in Australia. With a committee headed by president Joanne Bloomfield, the rescue is also a registered charity that can accept donations and conduct fundraisers.

Interested in adopting a Dogue? DDBR has available dogs in various states. All rescue Dogues come desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, treated for worms and fleas, and started on heartworm prevention. To register an interest in adoption, they ask that the interested adopter fill out their Rescue Application form. However, the organisation does not consider interstate applications. All intended adoptions go through the signing of an adoption agreement that specifies a trial period, as well as any health and/or behavioural issues that the rescue has found that may need attention. The agreement also includes the adopter’s obligations.


  • Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue Australia works towards helping unfortunate Dogues find permanent homes.
  • Through their many years of experience and extensive knowledge, the rescue hopes to educate the public about the breed and believes that education will stop poor breeding and training practices that lead Dogues into unfortunate circumstances.

How you can help

Do you have a soft spot for these large, wrinkly Dogues? DDBR has a yearly calendar for sale with all the profits going to the rescue. If you are keen on donating to the rescue’s cause, visit their Donate page where you can learn how to donate. They also accept material donations such as dog food, worming medication, or pet goods such as collars, leads, and shampoos. Items that can be sold for raffles are also welcome.






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