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Dachshund Rescue Australia

About the shelter

First formed in 2009, Dachshund Rescue Australia Inc. (DRA) has grown over the years to become a part of a much bigger cause concerned about the welfare of dachshunds—uniting with shelters and pounds, rescue groups, and fellow daxie lovers. With the goal to protect the sausage dogs from terrifying and traumatizing experiences, the organisation does everything they can to keep these dogs safe.

Aside from this, DRA also has adoption services. They thoroughly screen the applicants to ensure that they are the perfect match for the daxies and that they fully understand the breed’s characteristics and quirks. As for their homes, DRA makes sure that they go to an ideal dwelling place where they will be loved and cared for forever. They also see to it that the new owner is financially committed and capable to provide for the pet, in case challenges such as health problems or accidents arise, and the pet would need veterinary care or maintenance. Dachshund Rescue Australia also encourages foster care (for about two weeks) and has a list of carers who can look after and extend the love to the dachshunds while they’re awaiting their new homes.

Currently, the DRA website features all sorts of important information every daxie owner and hoping-to-be-owner can benefit from. They have in-depth articles about anything that concerns the dachshunds’ health. Plus, they are up to date with community events, meet-ups across the country, and so much more!


  • Dachshund Rescue Australia is dedicated to rescuing and privately rehoming dachshunds across all states of Australia.
  • The organisation works with dachshund owners to make sure that their dog goes to an ideal home that suits their needs.

How you can help

Since Dachshund Rescue Australia is a self-funded organisation with bills to pay, they need as much help as they can get to be able to keep helping daxies in need. There are many ways to help, and one of the easiest is to donate. If you don’t have any spare cash, however, you can volunteer or be a foster carer.

If you are a dachshund owner and lover yourself, the organisation has an assortment of accessories both you and your beloved daxie will love! From the affordable rubber balls, key rings, and hair elastics to the more expensive eco flask, umbrella, and wine, it’s impossible not to find something you would like at DRA’s online shop. What’s more, they also have a “supporter’s pack” featuring all sorts of daxie-related goodies, which you can buy depending on your budget.







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