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Canberra Pet Rescue

About the shelter

While the rescue is called Canberra Pet Rescue, this not-for-profit charity focuses primarily on cats and kittens that are homeless, surrendered, or abandoned across the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales, Australia.

They make it a point to rescue cats and kittens that are on death row at pounds. In the future, they also hope to help dogs, puppies, and other animals that have been abandoned, surrendered, homeless, or are on death row.

Canberra Pet Rescue operates off of donations and money generated from fundraising events, such as their Cats on Mats event. One of the unique aspects of this organisation is that they work very closely with other rescue groups and share donations with other groups in need. The rescue is based in Belconnen, but many of the foster carers are scattered throughout Canberra. The shelter is run by a local group that participates in the rescues and helps in the rehabilitation and rehoming of these animals.

People interested in adopting any of their rescues can check out their active listings on the PetRescue page or visit their Facebook page for instant updates. Adopting a rescue not only gives the animal a new lease on life, but it also gives the rescue an opportunity to take in more cats in need of shelter and love.


  • Canberra Pet Rescue’s mission is to ensure that every cat or kitten that they save, no matter how they came into this world or into the rescue, is given an equal chance to find their forever home where they will be loved and cherished for the rest of their lives.

How you can help

Currently, the rescue is in dire need of monetary donations to help them cover their bills. This rescue operates entirely through volunteers, and vet bills, food, toys, and bedding for the cats are incredibly expensive. All of your donation will go towards the creatures, and each donation over two dollars is tax deductible. However, if you would like to donate an item rather than money to the shelter, there are many things that they need. These items include cat food, kitten food, litter, worm and flea treatments, brushes and combs, and heat pads.

Canberra Pet Rescue is also in need of fundraising volunteers that can come up with creative ideas to help raise more money for the cause. The more funds collected, the more chances the rescue can make an impact in the lives of rescue kitties.


Belconnen, Canberra, ACT


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