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The World League for Protection of Animals Inc

About the shelter

The World League for Protection of Animals (WLPA) is the second oldest animal welfare charity in Australia. Originally called “The World Day for Animals League,” the WLPA was established in 1935 by Miss E B Moore as the Australian branch of the international league. Allied to international league’s British branch, it later took on its current name to align with its British parent society. WLPA officially became a registered charity under the Charitable Collections Act, NSW 1934 on 14 May, 1937.

As a small, community-based charity located in Gladesville, a northern suburb in Sydney, they receive funding solely from the generosity of their members and supporters. The WLPA is a membership association, with memberships open until 31 December each year. Individual subscriptions cost AUD 40 whilst life membership costs AUD 300 per annum. The organisation has no shelter, so it encourages foster caring. It requires its carers to be active members of its rehoming team by promoting the animal on social media or during events, as well as meeting with the foster care coordinator. Active foster caring is ongoing mostly for cats, with medicine and food supplied through food order delivery, donations, or personal reimbursement. Besides their work with domestic animals (mostly cats, dogs, and rabbits), the WLPA also manages a kangaroo sanctuary in Sydney, where its caretakers rescue and raise orphaned and injured joeys before releasing them in various areas in New South Wales.

A major differentiation point of the WLPA from other animal welfare charity organisations is its very active campaigns for a variety of animal issues. Besides their major no-kill campaign, which rescues, desexes, and rehomes abandoned companion animals, other active campaigns include: a “Feline Protection Program” that espouses a no-kill policy in managing and controlling the domestic cat population; “Anti-1080 Poison” which gathers research and lobbies for more transparent information about the devastating effects of the 1080 toxin that landowners use to protect their lands from native wildlife; “Stop Kangaroo Slaughter” which lobbies for a stop to the commercialisation of kangaroos; “Stop Live Exports” which campaigns against the shipping of live domesticated farm animals overseas.


  • The World League for Protection of Animals’ mission is to defend and promote the rights and well-being of all animals through humane education, rescue work, and by changing, challenging, and championing legislation for all kinds of animals.
  • As the oldest no-kill animal charity in Australia, the WLPA campaigns to save the lives of all companion, native, and non-native animals, giving them all the opportunity to exist in a humane manner.

How you can help

The WLPA is a very active organisation in the community and there are a variety of ways in which you can help. Visit their Donate page to find out how to raise funds, donate goods or money, sponsor a cat for rehoming, or leave a bequest and corporate sponsorship. It also has numerous volunteering opportunities available, examples of which are animal transport volunteers, fundraising volunteers, adoption centre open house volunteers, and foster carer regional coordinators, to name a few.

WLPA has an active social media campaign on Facebook where they list the variety of community events. There are events happening almost every week, so come and join their exciting campaigns!




199-201 Victoria Rd corner Cowell St, Sydney, NSW 2111


61 4-07456683

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