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Sydney Pet Rescue and Adoption

About the shelter

Sydney Pet Rescue and Adoption is a small animal welfare charity organisation run solely by volunteers who have made a commitment to protect animals and actively see to their well-being.

Registered as a not-for-profit association, the charity raises money solely through in-house fundraising activities as well as donations from the generous public. All of the funds raised entirely goes to animal care, with Sydney Pet Rescue and Adoption acting as the voice for neglected animals in the community.

The organisation neither operates as a shelter nor espouses a no-kill policy. Instead, rescued pets are cared for by members who volunteer to foster them. The animals are lovingly protected until the institution finds them a forever home. All rehomed animals are duly cared for through regular vet checkups which involve vaccinations, microchipping, deworming, desexing, and flea treating. All dogs undergo a heartworm test, while all cats undergo FIV testing.

Sydney Pet Rescue and Adoption endeavours to improve the entire surrender process to keep as many animals off death row as possible. This is done through education on viable alternatives (such as emergency short-term fostering), responsible pet ownership (including the rights and responsibilities covered by the Companion Animal Act), the valuable role of animals in the community, and the overall prevention of animal cruelty.


  • Sydney Pet Rescue and Adoption’s vision is two-fold: for every pet to have a loving home, and to build a society that practises zero cruelty to animals.
  • Its mission is grounded on rescuing and rehoming animals that are homeless, including those who are on death row in many animal pounds.

How you can help

Sydney Pet Rescue and Adoption undergoes pet matching with potential owners to ensure that lifestyle factors will guarantee safety and suitability for each pet in its possible new abode. A minimum of four weeks serves as a trial period for all of the rehomed animals, with the commitment to welcome them back if they’re not compatible with their humans.

Help out in any way you can! Apply to be a volunteer, foster an animal, or make a donation. Sydney Pet Rescue and Adoption holds status as Deductible Gift Recipient, which makes donations of $2 and above as tax deductible.




PO Box 434, Sylvania NSW 2224


61 4-03254960

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