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Staffy Rescue

About the shelter

Staffy Rescue is committed to saving and rehoming Staffordshire Bull Terriers as well as other large breed dogs in New South Wales, Australia.

It is a registered animal welfare charity that also focuses on rescuing dogs that are on death row in several pounds across NSW. Upon rescuing said dogs, Staffy Rescue then kennels the animals in their shelter located in northwestern Sydney. The charity was established in the year 2000, and since then has been busy saving as many dogs from death row as they can.

As a no-kill shelter, Staffy Rescue believes that each dog saved from the pound must be treated with love and care while waiting to match them with their potential new dwelling place. The charity gets support through dedicated volunteers and operates with the help of generous donations. Staffy Rescue assumes costs related to caring and rehabilitating dogs, including all veterinarian fees. With these hefty financial obligations, the organisation is only focused on rescuing dogs and does not accept private surrenders.


  • Staffy Rescue envisions a community where every large breed dog is treated with love and kindness by people who welcome them as part of their home and family.
  • Their mission is to save as many dogs as possible, and to give each dog a safe and comfortable shelter as it awaits its forever home.

How you can help

Staffy Rescue meets the dogs’ basic needs by desexing, microchipping, vaccinating, heartworm testing, and lifetime registering them in NSW. In addition to these, the animals also receive preventative treatment for fleas, intestinal worms, and heartworm on a regular basis. Staffy Rescue sees to it that the dogs under their care are properly fed, adequately nurtured, regularly exercised, and constantly receive affection and proper dog training.

Staffy Rescue aims to increase the number of kennels and shelters it has to provide more homes to rescued animals. The idea of building a home-style environment that is safe, nurturing, mentally stimulating, and environmentally sound has been the constant goal of the charity. Supporters are encouraged to adopt any of their dogs, donate or sponsor dogs’ needs, or provide link ups with other organisations that might want to contribute to their noble cause. All donations made to Staffy Rescue are tax-deductible.




Hawkesbury, NSW

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