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Second Chance Animal Rescue Inc

About the shelter

Founded in 2008 by vet nurse and shelter volunteer Marisa Debattista, Second Chance Animal Rescue is made up of a hard-working network of animal care professionals, committed foster carers, and animal lover volunteers who rescue cats and dogs.

Since 2017, the Second Chance Animal Rescue has come to the aid of more than 8,000 animals from shelters and pounds within Victoria, Australia. Through the efforts of the committed volunteers and staffers, all of the rescued animals have been able to settle into their new homes with loving pet owners who see to their everyday needs. With its headquarters in Campbellfield, Victoria, the shelter is a safe environment for rescued animals and welcomes adopters from all over.


  • Second Chance Animal Rescue’s mission is to become an exceptional institution for animal welfare, caring for unwanted and homeless dogs and cats while also championing responsible pet ownership.
  • Their mission is to improve the lives of as many companion animals as possible by means of reducing overpopulation, targeting higher adoption rates, and opening up the hearts and minds of their community towards animals.

How you can help

Second Chance Animal Rescue looks forward to witnessing a new society that sees animals as companions, with individual owners championing for their right to love, compassion, and respect, instead of being a disposable commodity.

All of these are possible by: offering services for abandoned and indisposed animals so they can be adopted; providing desexing programs to reduce overpopulation of both dogs and cats; recruiting committed staff and providing them with the requisite professional training so they can further advance in this line of work, enabling them to rescue more animals and further spread word about this worthy cause; spreading public awareness about the company and what it stands for; linking up with other animal welfare organisations whose values align with Second Chance Animal Rescue; creating a safe and sustainable work environment for the animals, the staff, and the general public; and efficiently managing financial resources to make operations viable while placing an emphasis on transparency.




1/30-34 Adrian Road, Campbellfield, VIC 3061


61 3-93570834

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