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Paws Hoofs and Claws Inc.

About the shelter

Paws Hoofs and Claws Inc. (PHC) is a non-profit organisation that operates out of Queensland, Australia to provide shelter to orphaned, abandoned, abused, and surrendered animals.

PHC’s journey began in early 2010 when a group of animal lovers came together to form the organisation. In May 2010, the organisation got incorporated and created its first executive committee. The executive committee provided a solid foundation for a more structured animal intake process. And soon, it gained professional recognition within the community.

In November 2012, PHC got its Donation Gift Recipient status, which allowed the organisation to receive donations and apply for grants. This was a huge step that would enable it to expand its operations and rescue more animals.

PHC’s ultimate goal is to build a shelter in Queensland to facilitate a higher level of animal rescue and refuge in Mount Isa and the nearby towns. PHC makes it their duty to ensure all animals find permanent homes through their adoption program. It also addresses animal cruelty in conjunction with Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Department of Primary Industries, and the police whenever necessary.


  • PHC focuses on making the world a better place for animals.
  • Their top priorities are helping reunite lost animals with their owners, and rescuing, fostering and rehoming cats and dogs from local pounds.
  • The organisation participates in educating the Mount Isa community about the best animal care practices including nutrition, healthcare, housing, and social interaction.

How you can help

PHC believes that every animal deserves a loving home. As such, they push for a euthanasia-free approach to animal welfare stating that every animal has a right to sustenance. Whether abandoned or sheltered, all animals brought to their care get all-around care that includes veterinary services, deworming, and vaccinations.




28 Duchess Road, Mount Isa, Queensland 4825


61 4-56664255

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