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Mini’s Bulldog Rescue Club

About the shelter

Founded on April 1, 2015, Mini’s Bulldog Rescue Club is a registered charity and a 100% non-profit organisation consisting of volunteers dedicated to helping bulldogs in Australia.

It all started when Jay Harris’ family welcomed rescue dog Mini into their care. The four-year-old bulldog was quite thin and had some sores on her ears when they first encountered her. Through constant care and medication, trips to the vet, and unending love of many people who offered help and support, Mini’s weight eventually increased and she was able to regain her strength. The Harris family grew to love her and decided to keep her with them forever.

Mini’s journey inspired the club to do more dog rescues and rehoming because they would like other dogs to have the same kind of care and love Mini experienced. Together with people who have a soft spot for animals and are willing to donate, adopt, and/or foster rescued bulldogs, Mini’s Bulldog Rescue Club will be able to fulfill their vision of rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming more pawsome bulldogs across Australia.


  • Mini’s Bulldog Rescue Club focuses on helping dogs—especially bulldogs—in need.
  • Their mission is to rescue abandoned dogs, rehabilitate them until they regain strength and confidence, and find perfect homes that would ensure their health, safety, and welfare.

How you can help

Mini’s Bulldog Rescue Club generally relies on the generosity of foster families and donations from the community.

With the Harris family’s great experiences with Mini, the team decided to focus on helping other bulldogs in need. Like Mini, they dream that all dogs will be given the utmost love and care they deserve from new families they will soon belong to. Mini’s Bulldog Rescue Club is hopeful that they will soon be able to fulfill this dream together with your help and support.




Newcastle, NSW


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