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Homes For Huskies Rescue

About the shelter

Homes for Huskies Rescue Inc is comprised of dedicated volunteers who are committed to rescuing as many unwanted or abandoned Siberian Huskies as they can.

Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Homes for Huskies Rescue Inc believes that Siberian Huskies deserve loving families that will see to all of their needs.

While waiting for their forever home, the organisation actively looks for temporary shelters for all of their rescued Siberian Huskies—making sure to place them in loving environments. Homes for Huskies currently does not have a shelter of its own. Instead, it manages a network of caring foster homes that have passed the organisation’s stringent requirements in order to assure its Huskies of safety and comfort.

Homes for Huskies Rescue Inc was established in 2014 and runs purely on the time, effort, and resources provided by its many supporters and volunteers. The small but steadily growing rescue group can be credited for rescuing and rehoming countless Siberian Huskies in the past four years since it was formed, but aims to do more with continued support from the community. Adoption costs are used for the operating costs of the organisation, which includes fostering the dogs, veterinary care, transportation, and more.


  • Homes for Huskies Rescue Inc envisions all Siberian Huskies to be with families that will love and care for them fur-ever.
  • To make this happen, the charity takes in both surrendered and impounded Siberian Huskies, and places them in safe and reliable foster care.

How you can help

With the help of the animal shelters, each dog receives a thorough assessment to find its best human match. All Siberian Huskies receive thorough veterinary checkup, which includes desexing, C5 vaccination, microchipping, heartworm testing, parasite treating (internal or external). Their rehabilitative needs are also met when necessary. The organisation also provides assistance in private rehoming for dogs that are looking to transition to a new owner when its original one can no longer provide for it.

Help Huskies in need by donating, adopting, or fostering one.




Melbourne, VIC


61 4-08251302

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