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Homeless Hounds Animal Rescue

About the shelter

Operating mainly out of Blackburn, a suburb of Melbourne, Homeless Hounds is a volunteer-run rescue group that rescues throughout Australia. The community-based foster care network was co-founded by animal enthusiast, Susan Taylor. She now runs the charity out of her Blackburn home for more than 10 years since it was founded in 2000. Trained as a vet nurse, Susan has animals and their welfare as her focus, and although the work is tough, she would do the same thing all over again.

In a 2015 article from the Herald Sun about the organisation, Susan mentions that the efforts of the rescue group have given second chances to dogs, cats, and rabbits who might have otherwise been put down. Using a companion animal foster network, Homeless Hounds harnesses the hearts, homes, services, and expertise of people in the local community. Currently, the rescue has a network of more than 100 volunteers, rehoming close to 500 animals each year.

All animals that come into the care of Homeless Hounds receive veterinary care and any behavioural or social training that they may require. Some of the animals may need a considerable amount of time being rehabilitated for adoption, whilst others can be rehomed quickly. Their process is all about finding the perfect match between a potential adopter and his or her potential companion. Interested potential adopters are asked to send an email to Homeless Hounds for their application questionnaire. The form assists the rescue in determining whether the specific pet is suitable to the lifestyle of its potential adopter. As all animals are cared for in private foster homes, all meets and greets are by appointment only.


  • Homeless Hounds aims to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome dogs and cats that are on death row from various council pounds and shelters across Australia.
  • Through their rescue efforts, they hope to share their knowledge and encourage others to help their cause and get involved to save as many dogs, cats, and even rabbits as possible.
  • They believe that if rescued and rehabilitated properly, many of these companion animals make great pets.

How you can help

Donate to Homeless Hounds today! Your kindness and generosity goes toward the care and running costs of the organisation. Consider becoming a foster carer and joining their extensive network of carers. Attend their monthly fundraising events and information nights. They are always on the lookout for volunteers who can assist the rescue in different ways. Interested? Send them an email through their Contact Us page.




Melbourne, VIC



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