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Home At Last Senior Dog Rescue Inc.

About the shelter

In the animal rescue world, senior pets often find themselves with the shortest end of the stick, tragically often the last to be chosen and the very first on the euthanised list. As dogs age, taking care of them can be more difficult at times, but this does not mean that they should be abandoned, neglected, abused, or dumped in the council pounds. Founded in November 2015, Home At Last Senior Dog Rescue Inc is a relatively newer rescue based in Melbourne, Victoria that aims to rescue senior dogs from pounds, save them from death row, and find them safe, comfortable, and loving foster and permanent homes. Completely run by well-meaning volunteers, this rescue looks after the welfare of older dogs that have found themselves in the pound system.

Most of the senior dogs that come into the rescue’s care require desexing, surgical procedure, dental work, rehabilitation, and training. Believing that senior dogs are still capable and worthy of love, care, and affection, members of the rescue offer temporary homes to these needy canines until they are adopted. There are a number of benefits in adopting a much older dog, some of which are: they are relatively much easier to train; they tend to prefer cuddles to exercise; they have a longer experience being “man’s best friend”; and they still have the same love and affection to give their family even at their advanced age.

Interested potential adopters are asked to fill in the rescue’s extensive Adoption Application Form. The form includes questions regarding the potential adopter’s living arrangements; their employment status; the number of children and/or other pets living in the household; if the house has a yard and the type of fencing available; potential arrangements during holidays; sleeping arrangements; duration of exercise; and questions why a potential adopter may surrender or euthanise their dog.


  • Home At Last Senior Dog Rescue Inc aims to provide both foster and permanent homes for older, aging dogs.
  • The rescue specialises in getting senior dogs out of pounds and rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming them.

How you can help

Home At Last Senior Dog Rescue Inc is completely volunteer-run. As a non-profit animal rescue, it relies on the kindness of its supporters. Help older dogs by joining the rescue’s different fundraising events such as Grill’d Local Matters, Garage Sales, and their Go Fund Me Page. All proceeds from these events go toward the care of these lovable senior citizens.




Melbourne, VIC



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