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Heading for Home: Central Victorian Animal Rescue

About the shelter

A small rescue group located in the Macedon Ranges area deep in the heart of Central Victoria, Heading for Home: Central Victorian Animal Rescue (HfHCVAR) was founded in April 2010 to help rehome local dogs and cats that have found themselves on death row at local pounds. Made up of a handful of foster carers, HfHCVAR’s rescue efforts are all self-funded and assisted by occasional small donations from the community.

The group believes that rescued animals from pounds are “great animals who got unlucky” but deserve a second chance at life and happiness. The organisation indicates that they take in dogs and cats in a variety of sizes, ages, and breeds, however, they choose their animals on the basis of good temperament, health, and their ability to be rehomed. HfHCVAR has a willingness to work with dogs that display training issues.

All animals rescued from council pounds go through a two-week quarantine period before being placed in foster care. After their quarantine, rescued animals are then placed in foster care where they are nurtured and given love until they find a permanent home. Through the positive power of fostering, HfHCVAR believes that fostered animals come to their adoptive families happier, healthier, better trained, and socialised. 

Animals ready for adoption are desexed, vaccinated, and microchipped. HfHCVAR strives to achieve a fine balance between carefully screening suitable potential adoptive families and stringent procedures in the adoption process recognising that every animal is different just as every home is different. With a policy that reviews every application on a case-by-case basis, the rescue aims to match the pet with the most appropriate home. Interested potential adopters are asked to fill out their Adoption Questionnaire in the first instance.


  • Heading for Home: Central Victorian Animal Rescue aims to find permanent and loving homes for the dogs and cats that they rescue, and for their new adoptive families to be safe and content with their new pets.
  • Through adoption, they believe that you save not just one but two lives—giving one a permanent home and saving another from death row. 

How you can help

One of the best ways to help Heading for Home: Central Victorian Animal Rescue is to join their network of foster carers. To find out more about the benefits of foster caring and how you too can become a bonafide foster carer for HfHCVAR, visit their Fostering for Us page. If you can’t foster, consider donating to the rescue or joining their fundraising events in the community!




PO Box 161 Woodend, VIC 3442



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