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Harmony Reins

About the shelter

Although a small not-for-profit charity, Harmony Reins Animal Haven has big dreams! Originally founded in March 2011 by Catherine Grayson, Harmony Reins began as a spark of inspiration from a Bull Mastiff/Shepherd cross rescued dog that she named Zeek. Zeek had opened Grayson’s eyes to the plight of countless animals that have come to council pounds and local shelters. The organisation was then created out of the need to give neglected, abandoned, injured, and mistreated animals a second chance at life and a permanent loving family.

Located in the renowned Yarra Valley, which is less than an hour’s drive from Melbourne, Harmony Reins has its own large acreage suitable for temporarily housing and rehabilitating a variety of animals. Besides dogs and cats, the rescue currently houses horses, goats, cows, alpacas, a variety of poultry, and a pig called Kevin Bacon!

To ensure tailored and specialised care, each animal that comes to the attention of Harmony Reins is given a thorough assessment. All new arrivals to the home are examined by the vet and other specialists. Although the rescue aims to find homes for a majority of the animals in its care, there have been special circumstances in which a few animals now call Harmony Reins their permanent home. Residents in Harmony Reins include: a Clydesdale mare called Lucy who is a “bit of sticky beak and nosey nelly” and the acreage gossip girl; an Australian Brumby called Penny who was captured in Mount Kosciusko; the thoroughbred Laney with sore feet; a stubborn formerly underweight headstrong horse named Rosie; a registered paint mare named Peaches; the gentle gelding giant Hartley; old horse couple Azland and Tawnee; and a boisterous cat called Tiger.

Harmony Reins offers a free rehoming service to people who can no longer look after their animals in the long term. Since operations commenced, their well-meaning members have rehomed many animals and strive to assist those that come to them in need. Interested adopters are asked to contact Catherine in the number provided on their website.


  • Harmony Reins aims to help animals of all shapes and sizes that have found themselves in unfortunate situations through no fault of their own.
  • The rescue organisation believes that in their own small way, they can make a big difference in the lives of the animals that they rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome.
  • They likewise look to raising awareness within the community about animal welfare issues.

How you can help

Harmony Rein’s committee members Catherine, Chris, Lisa, Bev, and Christoph are passionate about animal welfare and hope that you too can “come along for the ride.” There are a variety of ways to help the organisation: helping them source animals in need; giving a donation; sponsoring their animals; donating goods; fulfilling their online wish list; supporting them at their events such as the Horse Tack Markets; giving a bequest; sharing their website and cause to your friends. Visit their How You Can Help page for more ideas!


PO Box 486, Yarra Junction, Melbourne, VIC 3797


61 4-17977847

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