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Gumtree Greys

About the shelter

As the Usain Bolts of the canine world, greyhounds are renowned for their great athletic abilities. As such, thousands of them are bred both legally and illegally in Australia to provide contestants for the local and international animal racing industries. The industry itself has admitted to killing thousands of healthy dogs each year, mostly puppies and dogs that did not make the racing grade, those that have “retired” from racing, or those that are born with conditions preventing them to race.

Over the years, there has been a surge in unregulated breeding of greyhounds in Australia, with a significant number being advertised in the popular online classified Gumtree for racing, hunting, or dog-fighting purposes. The Gumtree online classified is well known as a major source of unwanted greyhounds, and as such, Gumtree Greys focuses its efforts on saving the species from online advertisements, rehabilitating them and finding them permanent homes.

As a champion for the cause and welfare of greyhounds, Gumtree Greys operates across the eastern seaboard of Australia. Though based in Carina, Brisbane, the organisation has saved, fostered, and rehomed greyhounds in areas such as Sydney, Canberra, Regional Victoria, Melbourne, Regional NSW, and Northern Rivers NSW. Run by volunteers, the welfare agency relies on its network of foster carers. As fostering caring is an important part of the group’s rescue process, they encourage people from a variety of backgrounds to assist. Gumtree Greys covers all veterinary and medical costs, but they ask that fosters provide food and bedding to the animals. Individuals interested in fostering are asked to enquire with the organisation. They also offer a workplace foster care program where they assist in pairing a workplace with a suitable greyhound.

Gumtree Greys take the time to rehabilitate their dogs into private homes. As their ultimate goal is to find permanent lodging for these gentle creatures, their adoption procedures involve completing their adoption form, an initial “dog safe homecheck” conducted by Gumtree Greys, and a two-week trial period with a payment of AUD 350, which is reimbursed should a potential adopter not go through with the adoption.


  • Gumtree Greys seeks to rescue and rehome retired and unwanted greyhounds from harsh racing industry owners, racing syndicates, trainers, or puppy mills.
  • They rescue greyhounds primarily from the Gumtree online classified or direct from trainers, syndicates, and regional council pounds.
  • In addition to their rescue and rehoming efforts, they focus on education and changing the negative perception of greyhounds in the community.

How you can help

Do you have a soft spot for these little athletes? Find out how you can assist the organisation by visiting their How You Can Help page. They are keen to hear from volunteers with a variety of skills which come in handy in promoting the cause to the public. As Gumtree Greys relies solely on donations for extensive vet work, medication, kennelling, and transport, there are a variety of ways to provide financial assistance such as direct donations, workplace giving, or bequests. Gumtree Greys also hosts a variety of community events all year round and encourages supporters to get in on the action!




Carina, Brisbane, QLD 4152


61 4-02616964

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