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Greyhounds As Pets

About the shelter

Fancy having a sweet, affectionate couch potato as your new companion? Consider adopting a greyhound as they make “greyt” pets from Greyhounds As Pets (GAP), a not-for-profit initiative coordinated by Greyhound Racing NSW. The program has been coordinated by Greyhound Racing NSW since 2008, and they indicate that the operations will be transferred to a not-for-profit company established solely for the ethical and humane treatment of retired and relinquished greyhounds in the near future. This initiative provides greyhound racing owners and their trainers with the opportunity to rehabilitate and rehome suitable hounds with minimal cost and effort.

Given their tarnished reputation, most people are surprised to discover that these hounds make good family pets. Naturally gentle and loving, Greyhounds don’t require a lot of exercise or a huge backyard. Operating facilities on the Central Coast and Western Sydney in New South Wales, qualified and experienced staff running the GAP initiative work hard to match each hound to a potential adopter’s circumstances. By having this matching system, this ensures that GAP is able to achieve the best and humane outcome for the pooch and a good adoption experience for the new owner. The program guarantees potential adopters greyhounds that have been assessed for issues in behaviour, temperament, and health to ensure that they are suited for life as a family pet.

All GAP greyhounds are fostered for a minimum of six weeks as they transition from their life on the racetrack to life as a family pet. All their greyhounds are desexed, have been checked for dental issues, are vaccinated, microchipped, as well as lifetime registered with the companion animals register of NSW. Additionally, all hounds are treated for fleas and worms as well as given a month’s supply of products upon adoption. Adopted GAP hounds are also given a lead, martingale-style collar and muzzle. Greyhounds that have passed their assessment to become a Greenhound (muzzle exemption program for NSW pet greyhounds) come with a Greenhound collar and ID tag.

GAP has a partnership with the Corrective Services NSW, particularly with the Dillwynia Correctional Centre for Women at Berkshire Park in Western Sydney. The initiative has had many successes in partnership with this facility.


  • Greyhound Racing NSW’s Greyhound As Pets initiative looks to promote the advantages of having greyhounds in the greater community.
  • It assists in the adoption of former race hounds through responsible rehoming practices.
  • It aims to educate the racing industry’s participants regarding available options to retired greyhounds.

How you can help

GAP offers “Sydney’s Most Flexible Greyhound Foster Program” with potential foster carers given fostering opportunities for as little as six weeks, and providing carers with everything they need to get started. Though Greyhounds As Pets is currently supported by a fair number of loyal sponsors and corporate partners, you can still assist the well-meaning program through a donation or a bequest.




PO Box 698, Darlinghurst, NSW 1300


61 8-00696377

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