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Greyhound Rescue

About the shelter

Founded in April 2009 by retired couple Peter and Janet, Greyhound Rescue was previously found in Sydney’s north shore but moved their operations to Camden in the outskirts of Sydney’s southwest in early 2018. Having worked many years in dog rescue, the two set up the rescue and launched their website to help find permanent loving homes for many greyhounds from the racing industry.

Since beginning the rescue, they have found homes and given more than 1,000 racing greyhounds a second chance at life. The rescue has currently about 70 greyhounds in its care in various places such as the organisation’s kennels, foster homes, and some at Peter and Janet’s family’s homes.

Greyhound Rescue is very much against greyhound racing and dream of the day when it no longer exists. Though much of the organisation’s time is spent helping unwanted greys find homes, they also support groups that choose to be activists for the cause and believe that a difference can be made through concerted and combined efforts to end the cruel sport of greyhound racing. The organisation has a “no kill” policy and will only euthanise a greyhound if it were terminally ill or in a great deal of pain.

Greyhound Rescue’s adoption process is pretty simple, with the potential adopter asked to fill out their interactive form with as much information as possible. After receipt of the completed application, members of the organisation will get in touch with the potential adopter to have a chat and to suggest a few dogs that may suit the families and their living situation.

After a match with a grey has been made, a house visit will be arranged. When everything checks out and all parties are happy, a trial period of two weeks will be arranged. After the completion of the trial period and both parties are keen on the adoption, the process will be finalised with the remainder of the adoption fee and other related costs settled.


  • Greyhound Rescue promotes putting an end to the greyhound racing industry.
  • It is involved in rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming unwanted retired greyhounds.

How you can help

Greyhound Rescue is a not-for-profit organisation with full charity status which means they do not receive any government funding and rely solely on public generosity and donations to take care of unwanted greyhounds. Given their move to Camden, the rescue organisation is in need of new volunteers to help care for greyhounds discarded by the racing industry.

Volunteering is always rewarding work and will give you a chance to get to know the breed. Who knows, you might end up walking away with one or two of them as pets! Visit their Get Involved page for more information on volunteering. For those who cannot volunteer, consider giving to their Helping a Hound Program where your generous donation goes toward assisting a particular hound in need.




PO Box 745
Lane Cove, NSW 1595


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