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Furry Friends Forever Rescue

About the shelter

Located between the Illawarra and south-west Sydney, Furry Friends Forever Rescue (FFFR) is a not-for-profit charity organisation that provides animal welfare services throughout north-west Sydney, south-west Sydney, and the Illawarra region. The rescue and its volunteers not only save animals that are listed on the pounds’ kill lists, but also care for those that are privately surrendered by their families.

The organisation has been rescuing animals from various pounds in the area such as Campbelltown Pound, Hawkesbury Pound, Blacktown Pound, and Renbury Farm. By hosting and participating in community events such as Paws in the Park, Movie Nights, Dog Lovers Shows, local Bunnings Sausage Sizzles, Coffee Donation Campaigns, and Adoption Days, FFFR and its dedicated group of foster carers and supporters show their love for animals of all shapes and sizes. At the various events, FFFR staff, foster carers, and volunteers educate the public on how to be responsible pet owners as well as showcase their rescued animals.

FFFR aims to provide all rescued and surrendered creatures permanent and loving homes. As adoption is a long-term commitment, the organisation requires that an Expression of Interest form be completed by all potential pet parents. This allows FFFR the ability to choose the home most suitable to an animal’s needs.

Should adoption not be an option, Furry Friends Forever Rescue also encourages foster caring. The charity pays for the completion of all essential vet work (microchipping, desexing, vaccinations) as well as food, worming tablets, beds, bowls, flea treatment, collars, and other pet-specific caring equipment. Part of being a foster carer means participating in the various events that FFFR has organised with their fostered pet. One of their current campaigns is the “Last Litter Program (LLP)” where they call for owners who may have unwanted litters of puppies or kittens that they want surrendered. As part of the program, the rescue will desex the mother for free at one of their associated vet clinics.


  • Furry Friends Forever Rescue believes that all animals that have been made pets should have a warm, caring, and loving home.
  • Committed to providing the best care for every animal they rescue, the organisation strives to save and rehome not just dogs and cats, but also rabbits and guinea pigs.
  • Furry Friends Forever Rescue also takes in ferrets, rats, and chickens! Their motto is to rescue the mistreated, save the injured, love the abandoned.

How you can help

Furry Friends Forever Rescue’s commitment and duty of care towards these adorable furbabies of every size and shape is no small feat, and as such, they more than welcome donations of any amount which can be deposited via bank deposit, PayPal, or other online options. The donations go towards vet and other animal care costs. The charity also has a calendar in their online shop which features their rescue animals and various friends of the organisation. Look out for various fun events hosted by the rescue all year round!


Sydney, NSW



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