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Dogs Refuge Home (WA) Inc

About the shelter

Dogs’ Refuge Home is one of the earliest animal welfare organisations established in Australia. Founded in 1935, this institution has kennels capable of housing over 100 dogs at its 30 Lemnos Street, Shenton Park location.

The Refuge also offers dog and puppy training classes, boarding services, and merchandise. The association is run by a board made up of dog-loving professionals who have been previously involved in adopting, fundraising, volunteering, and fostering dogs at the Refuge in one way or another.

At any one time, the Dogs’ Refuge Home has around 100 dogs in their care that they offer up for adoption as well as fostering, especially in the case of animals with special needs. Pooches for adoption undergo comprehensive veterinary checks as well as behavioural assessments. Adoption is a three-step process involving choosing your companion ideally by visiting the kennels, completing the Home’s Dog Adoption Questionnaire, and participating in a “dog meet” where the Refuge staff takes a potential owner and his other pets and/or children to meet the dog in a controlled environment. This process is done to limit the uncertainties around the adoption. Unlike other animal welfare organisations, it is a condition that the adopter is either a permanent resident or citizen of Australia.

The Refuge encourages fostering as an alternative due to the organisation’s increasing need for specialist care to be given to the dogs. Fostering means that while you take in and care for the dog at your premises, Dogs’ Refuge Home remains its legal owner. As one of the larger refuges, the organisation is incredibly grateful to all their major sponsors that include the Government of Western Australia, City Farmers, the Tate Family Foundation, and Advance.


  • The aim of Dogs’ Refuge Home is to rescue, provide temporary care, and find permanent suitable homes for lost, legally impounded, or unwanted dogs.
  • The association’s activities are driven by their understanding that these lovable creatures are entitled to the same unconditional love and respect that they give to their owners.
  • The organisation employs a pro-life policy, ensuring that no animal under their care is euthanised unless advised by a veterinary surgeon.

How you can help

Every donation, however large or small, can help Dogs’ Refuge Home. Regular donations are encouraged by joining their Caring Friends Programme. Donations in kind are currently not taken, as there is impending redevelopment construction work on their premises. On their Donate page, you can find information on kennel sponsorship, gifts in memory, gifts to celebrate, starting your own fundraiser, the Refuge’s wish list, bequests, and their list of benefactors on their Donate page.




30 Lemnos Street, Shenton Park, Perth, WA 6008


61 8-93818166

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