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Doggie Rescue

About the shelter

Established in 2001 by Monika Biernacki and fellow volunteers, Doggie Rescue operates as a registered charity that saves and rehomes dogs as a way of rescuing them from council pounds’ death row.

The charity has rescued all sorts of dogs—both big and small, crossbreeds and pure breeds alike. An average of 1,000 dogs are saved per year by the charity’s volunteers.

Doggie Rescue currently has more than 200 rescued dogs in need of caring human companions. As they await adoption, the saved dogs undergo full veterinary checkup with microchipping, heartworm testing, vaccinating, and desexing. An eight to 10-day quarantine rule is observed to monitor for any illnesses that may manifest during this period. The dogs are then moved for residence at the Doggiewood shelter in Ingleside, Sydney or for direct placement in any available foster home.


  • Doggie Rescue envisions a humane future for all dogs, grounded in a no-kill policy. They welcome back formerly rescued dogs in the event that their owners no longer wish to keep them.
  • The charity’s mission is to provide care for each dog, uplifting its condition through: health checks, a full return policy, vetting families, and direct adoption only.

How you can help

The charity gives basic health services to confirm each dog’s good well-being. The charity requests for reimbursement for basic care services provided to the animals, which run between $350 to $500.

Doggie Rescue also takes dogs back instead of running the risk of the dogs becoming abandoned again, while also making sure that each dog will be taken in by a household that will meet the dog’s needs and through a detailed process.

The charity does not allow for the purchase of any dogs under their care without their direct involvement. This ensures that the right match is made, and that the home in which the dog will end up in is a safe and loving environment.

Become a Doggie Rescue Life Saver today! They rely exclusively on donations from animal lovers like you.




2 McCowan Rd corner Bloodwood Rd, Ingleside, NSW 2101


61 2-94863133

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