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Dingo Den Animal Rescue

About the shelter

Dingo Den Animal Rescue founder Josh Said is a Sydney-based graphic designer whose interest in dingo care led him to what the organisation is now today. In 2014, he started Dingo Den, a website dedicated to all things dingo.

Dingo Den had all sorts of facts, care instructions, owner advice and tips, and an advocacy petition to protect dingoes. The petition broke the Internet, and in a few weeks, Josh’s email was flooded with messages of support. This led Josh to work and partner with several dingo carers and wildlife advocates across Australia. Eventually, the animal rescue was established.

Since then, Dingo Den Animal Rescue has been committed to “prevent or relieve the suffering of animals, and to advance the natural environment.” This includes rescuing displaced, orphaned, and injured dingoes, making specialised care facilities available, educating owners about proper dingo care, finding forever homes, and assuring that every rescued animal gets proper veterinary treatment. As for advancing the natural environment, the group makes it a point to inform the general public about dingoes and their importance in the environment and the culture, among many other things.

Currently, the website Josh started four years ago with information on dingoes is now filled to the brim with added details on support, resources, news, events, and so much more. It also includes information on the Dingo Den Sanctuary, which is the very first dingo sanctuary in Sydney. The sanctuary is a space similar to the dingoes’ natural habitat where they can safely thrive. There, guests can experience and be educated on the world of dingoes—where they come from, what they’re like, how they came about—and even have the chance to meet some of them (with supervision by the sanctuary carers, of course). Information on booking a dingo experience is available on the website, as well as details you need to know prior to booking: what to wear, where to park, and so on.


  • Dingo Den Animal Rescue is dedicated to saving the lives of dingoes.
  • It is also committed to alleviating the suffering of animals and caring for Australia’s ecosystems.

How you can help

Help extend the lives of the wild hearted by working together with Dingo Den Animal Rescue. You can sponsor a dingo, donate funds (monetary donations are 100% tax deductible) or goods (food, housing, bedding, health care items, and toys), bequest or make a donation in your will, or purchase an item from the organisation’s gift shop.




Penrith, Sydney, NSW 2750



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