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Dindi Dog Rescue Inc.

About the shelter

Established in 2012, Dindi Dog Rescue Inc. is a non-profit organisation composed of volunteers who give their unconditional love and support to rescue dogs from different pounds. These dogs are usually scared, neglected, or in bad shape when the volunteers take them in.

Based in Kinglake, Victoria, the charity tirelessly does everything for the dogs—from the paperwork, transportation, and feeding, to their rehabilitation and rehoming. They also see to it that their Facebook page is consistently updated with pictures, descriptions, and background stories of each dog in the hopes of encouraging their social media followers to adopt and care for the pooches that are in need of forever homes.

Before adoption, they see to it that the dogs are desexed, microchipped, C5-vaccinated, treated for worms and fleas, and checked and assessed by a veterinarian. Although the organisation has a number of dogs that are up for adoption, they don’t hastily give them to whoever applies. Simply put, first come, first served is an idea they do not subscribe to. This is because they want to make sure that the potential owner and dog are a perfect match. They do this by assessing the compatibility between the dog and the human, and by requiring a home check at the latter’s. Basically, they make sure and do everything for the dog to be ready for adoption so that the new owner has nothing to worry about.

Aside from adoption, Dindi Dog Rescue Inc. also encourages foster care. An important phase in rescue, fostering provides love, care, comfort, food, and shelter for the animals while they await their forever homes. Foster carers give the rescue dogs a second chance at life, so the more foster carers there are, the more dogs can be saved. Being a foster carer at Dindi Dog Rescue Inc. is rewarding because the organisation pays for everything—from food and beds to bowls and accessories—in exchange for the love and affection you’ll surely receive from the rescued animals.


  • Dindi Dog Rescue Inc rescues, rehomes, and rehabilitates unwanted dogs in Victoria, Australia.

How you can help

Since Dindi Dog Rescue Inc. is a not-for-profit institution and doesn’t receive funding from the Australian government, they rely solely on donations to be able to continue the admirable work that they do for the dogs. Be sure to follow their Facebook page for updates on fundraising events or notifications about providing supplies or any form of help. Aside from donating and supporting their fundraisers, you can also adopt or foster one of their rescues.




Yarra Glen, Melbourne, VIC 3775



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