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Devoted 2 Dachshund Rescue

About the shelter

As its name suggests, Devoted 2 Dachshunds Rescue (D2DR) is a breed-specific organisation with the main purpose of safely rehoming and rescuing dogs that are famous for their quirky appearance: short legs and long bodies.

Rosalie James and Ricky Grierson are the organisation’s founding members. They’re both fur moms who began rescuing dachshunds individually and privately many years ago. Eventually, they met and instantly connected over their love for daxies. Since then, they put together the non-profit rescue with the help of volunteers, and have been working together on this common passion to safely rehome the rescued daxies.

Currently, D2DR offers rescue, rehoming, foster care, and adoption services for dachshunds. Previous owners who are looking to have their dogs adopted are informed of potential forever homes for their pets. Possible owners, on the other hand, are screened to ensure that they’re the perfect match for the canines. D2DR even arranges meet-and-greet sessions with the dogs. No matter how long it takes, the rescue makes sure that the daxies are in the best state (vet checked, assessed, desexed, and vaccinated) before leaving the shelter.

Aside from adoption and rehoming, the organisation also has what they call “permanent foster care.” This is where the daxies that cannot be rehomed or adopted due to critical conditions or severe illnesses are treated and cared for. So far, D2DR has about 10 daxies in permanent foster care—all of which are either under veterinary care or have maintenance medicine that are paid for by the organisation.

Working for D2DR takes a lot of effort, especially for the volunteers who work 24/7. It’s equally rewarding and challenging, but they do it tirelessly for their devotion to dachshunds.


  • Devoted 2 Dachshunds Rescue seeks to provide the best care specifically for dachshunds.
  • It offers rescue, rehabilitation, recovery care, and rehoming for dachshunds.

How you can help

Help fuel the passion of the Devoted 2 Dachshunds Rescue volunteers and the daxies they care for by donating any amount you can. Your contribution will go a long way, specifically in terms of veterinary care, specialist care, travel and transportation costs, animal food, medication, and other health-related needs.

Aside from monetary contributions, D2DR also accepts the following: equipment (beds, blankets, and car seats), preventive care (tick and flea control, shampoo, and conditioner), food, natural supplements, sponsorship prizes, and your precious time to help out at their various events and fundraisers such as barbeques, social events, and auctions.


PO Box 1110
Oxley, QLD 4075


61 4-18789456

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