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Desperate For Love Dog Pound Rescue

About the shelter

Natalie Plunkett was just an ordinary woman who was worried about the dogs that were in danger of being put to sleep, so she took it upon herself to drive to the pounds and rescue the dogs. She would ask family and friends to help her care for the dogs until she found them a perfect match in a new and loving forever home.

Eventually, she established an organisation made up of like-minded foster carers and volunteers, which grew bigger over time—250 volunteers across Perth, to be exact—and named it Desperate for Love Dog Pound Rescue (DFL).

True to its name, the organisation rescues all dogs that are in desperate need of affection and attention no matter its size, age, or health status. The pooches are given veterinary care and sufficient time to heal and recover until the rescue finds them new parents who are ready to provide them with love and happy memories.

Terminally ill dogs are also welcome at the rescue. Like the other rescues, they are cared for and shown kindness. The only difference is they will live with a “forever foster” that will make their remaining days as comfortable and peaceful as possible. What started as a one-woman passion project back in 2008 now rehomes an average of 700 dogs a year—something Natalie didn’t think would grow as big, impactful, and well-received as it is today.


  • Desperate for Love Dog Pound Rescue Inc’s main mission is to save as many dogs from pounds as possible, and place them into the homes of Perth-based foster carers before they are adopted.

How you can help

Desperate for Love Dog Pound Rescue Inc. needs as much help as it can get to continue saving more dogs in pounds. There are many options you can help this rescue! You can make monetary donations or you can donate in the name of your chosen recipient, which primarily goes to the veterinary bills or caring for terminally ill dogs. The organisation also holds events all year round to help raise awareness and funds for the rescued animals.

Foster care is another way of helping out. Your place can serve as a temporary home for a dog in need while the organisation is still finding the perfect fur-ever home for it. In the event that you fall in love with your foster pet or decide to care for a rescue for good, adoption is your best bet!


Perth, WA


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